The EAGLES go all out for nostalgia - bassist TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT thinks that's not enough

28. August 2022

Timothy B. Schmit Eagles

Die EAGLES setzen ganz auf Nostalgie - Bassist TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT ist das zu wenig

Always only "Hotel California," "One Of These Nights" and "Heartache Tonight" is unsatisfying in the long run. At least that's what the 74-year-old thinks - and with "Day By Day" he presents his seventh solo album. A work with a top-class guest list, great sound and exemplary approach: creative self-realization. It's never too late for that, says Schmit in an eclipsed interview in Amsterdam.

eclipsed: Timothy, you're the only Eagles member still releasing new music. A reaction to the lack of creativity of the band?

Timothy B. Schmit: That definitely plays into it. But at the same time, the band allows me to do whatever I feel like doing. That includes my own record label, my studio and my music. Which is a great thing - to have complete freedom. That's why it's not that I don't want to be in the band anymore. It's just that I need a balance to the fact that people only want to hear old stuff - and nothing else. That's why we haven't played anything from the last album for a while - because that's not in demand. And I understand that. If the Beatles were still around, I probably wouldn't be so keen on their new stuff either

eclipsed: What makes your new songs stand out is mainly stylistic diversity, which even implies reggae. How come?

Schmit: Because I'm into it. (laughs) And it reflects my taste, which knows no boundaries. This morning, for example, I listened to classical music for breakfast - I do that a lot. Then when I do my stretches, I listen to a station called SomaFM, which has this show called "Seven Inch Soul." It just plays old soul singles - where you can even hear the needle touching down on the vinyl. Or I listen to ThistleRadio, which only plays Irish music. That shows what makes me tick: I like all kinds of music - including jazz and reggae.

eclipsed: On "Day By Day" you're joined by John Fogerty, Lindsey Buckingham, Jackson Browne and members of the Beach Boys, among others. Are these old friends that you contact privately?

Schmit: Exactly. It's people I've known for decades that I just call or email - like, "You guys up for it?" Fortunately, most of them get back to me and say, "Sure, man, let's do it." It's a very casual, informal thing among colleagues, and I myself like to play on other people's albums - because that's what musicians do. We focus on making good music; the best that's in us.

Timothy B. Schmit - I Come Alive

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