The EAGLES go all out for nostalgia - bassist TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT thinks that's not enough

28. August 2022

Die EAGLES setzen ganz auf Nostalgie - Bassist TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT ist das zu wenig

Always only "Hotel California," "One Of These Nights" and "Heartache Tonight" is unsatisfying in the long run. At least that's what the 74-year-old thinks - and with "Day By Day" he presents his seventh solo album. A work with a top-class guest list, great sound and exemplary approach: creative self-realization. It's never too late for that, says Schmit in an eclipsed interview in Amsterdam.

eclipsed: Timothy, you're the only Eagles member still releasing new music. A reaction to the lack of creativity of the band?

DON FELDER - Everything except Eagles

19. March 2019

DON FELDER - Alles, außer Eagles

At 71, the former lead guitarist of the Eagles is a workaholic with a pronounced need for love and the same ego. So the lyrics of the eleven songs of his third solo album "American Rock 'n' Roll" are turning around women and their advantages. Whatever he likes to talk about. But the old rocker doesn't want to say anything to his ex-colleagues. He doesn't have to.

Although Don Felder eclipsed waits almost 90 minutes and the lady of his management primarily tries to reduce the agreed interview time, a conversation with the man responsible for the world hit "Hotel California" turns out to be quite amusing. Especially if you do him the favor of concentrating on his third solo album "American Rock 'n' Roll". A work with a concentrated star contingent, on which Felder has worked for almost five years.

eclipsed No. 150 / 5-2013

12. April 2014

The Turn of Time - 40 Years The Dark Side Of The Moon

To describe the success and influence of "The Dark Side Of The Moon", you can't get far with conventional superlatives. Pink Floyd have brought about nothing less than a paradigm shift in rock music with this album. Perhaps the greatest merit of the group was the fact that it made the artful, skilful rock music palatable to a whole new class of listeners. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the release of the famous record eclipsed enters the far side of the moon.


eclipsed No. 104 / 9-2008

10. April 2014

game without limits

"Art comes from skill!" - many retroprog acts almost defiantly carry this slogan in front of them. "Genius comes from enjoyment!" - this witty word of Ernst Penzoldt one would like to hold out to the often grim musicians. A treat is what Yes, the progenitors of "Retro-Chic", have been serving up to the progressive rock world for 40 years now: In their best moments, the group has displayed a playful sophistication and lightness that are unmatched to this day. We honor the British Symphonic Prog princes with a three-part feature.

Schizophrenia as an Opportunity