Hate news does not stop SOEN from assuming social responsibility - for "Lotus" also in women's clothing.

31. January 2019


Hassnachrichten bringen SOEN nicht davon ab, soziale Verantwortung zu übernehmen – für „Lotus“ auch im Damenkleid.

He has no resolutions for the new year, Martín López explains to us on New Year's Eve afternoon. He mainly wanted to maintain his love for music, only in this way could Soen continue to exist. To work full-time as a musician again is out of the question for the former Opeth drummer. But Soen are still far away from a pure fun project. In several interviews López emphasizes how important the value of a band is to him.

eclipsed: With "Lykaia Revisited" you wanted to close a chapter of the band. How has your perspective on Lotus changed?

Martín López: Above all in terms of sound technology. Previously we had always produced ourselves, now we were ready to allow help from outside, through David Castillo. At the same time, we really followed our vision and didn't let anyone stop us.

eclipsed: "Lykaia" was produced by your then guitarist Marcus Jidell. Does the changed process also result from his departure?

López: We were not happy with the original "Lykaia" production. Sure, it sounds good in a vintage sense. But when music demands it, we also want modern sound. That's not what Marcus really likes. We followed his vision. Now we followed the vision that Joel Ekelöf and I always had: Set no limits. If necessary, be modern, if necessary, be vintage.

eclipsed: The composer in charge was again you?

López: It's always been a team effort. Lars Åhlund and Stefan Stenberg also wrote for "Lotus". But, yes, I am, so to speak, the musical director of the Soen sound and, together with Joel, the main composer.

eclipsed: The lotus flower has a strong symbolic character. What prompted you to choose her?

López: The flower grows in the mud, beauty arises from darkness. And people create beautiful things in the middle of a shitty society. Art has no respect anymore. It's all superficiality, entertainment and money that count. Nevertheless, you can sit down and create a beautiful sculpture or a good song.

Soen - Lotus (Official Video)

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