LAURA MEADE - Who is the most dangerous woman in the world?

5. July 2021

Laura Meade IZZ

LAURA MEADE - Wer ist die gefährlichste Frau der Welt?

Already the sensational album title challenges the question. Who is the singer of the New York prog rock band IZZ talking about? Is "The Most Dangerous Woman In America" Laura Meade herself? Or which woman(s) is she thinking of? Musically, the second solo album is also convincing. An electronic soundscape has swept away the rest of the tender folk in her Kate Bush/Tori Amos brand of artpop

Strong women are muzzled in society

In 2018 Laura Meade had made herself independent from her band for the first time and recorded a solo album with "Remedium". Now she is back, stronger, bolder and more idiosyncratic than ever, able to convince with an independent sound beyond IZZ and an exciting thematic concept that raises many questions. On the cover of the new work she still poses with blonde hair, in the Skype interview she now already shows herself brunette again as before. A cap gives Meade a tomboyish look, she is extremely charming and fun-loving, a true sunshine, no trace of danger. Still, the question must be asked, "Laura, who is the most dangerous woman in the world now? Not yourself, I suppose." She gives me a wonderful open laugh, "Yes, who is it? The album concept is definitely inspired by a very specific woman, but it actually refers to many women who are considered 'dangerous' in America and around the world. It's about women who have been and are forgotten. Their story - and how they were muzzled - is to be told!" She doesn't want to reveal who specifically it's about, though: "If you name it, then you'll only hear the album in that light, and that would narrow the subject matter."

Hollywood machinery devours women

But who could be meant in principle? Black women? Underpaid women? Sexually abused women? "The specific inspiration comes from women who are misrepresented in Hollywood and the media in general. This Hollywood machinery crushes women and spits them out in the end." So it could be talking about, say, film icon Marilyn Monroe, Meade then concedes. In relation to the present, the current MeToo movement, in the course of which countless women in particular report sexual assaults, seems to have been a trigger for the album ...

The Most Dangerous Woman in America

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