LAURA MEADE - Who is the most dangerous woman in the world?

05. July 2021

LAURA MEADE - Wer ist die gefährlichste Frau der Welt?

Already the sensational album title challenges the question. Who is the singer of the New York prog rock band IZZ talking about? Is "The Most Dangerous Woman In America" Laura Meade herself? Or which woman(s) is she thinking of? Musically, the second solo album is also convincing. An electronic soundscape has swept away the rest of the tender folk in her Kate Bush/Tori Amos brand of artpop

Strong women are muzzled in society

IZZ - Thumb in the solar wind

31. July 2019

IZZ - Daumen im Sonnenwind

The New York ensemble IZZ around the brothers Tom and John Galgano has been one of the most exciting prog suppliers from overseas for two decades. Since that time it has known how to build an elegant bridge to Europe. Four years after their last regular studio album "Everlasting Instant", a new work is now available, which more than just makes you sit up and take notice. Not least because of his reference to Douglas Adams.

With their ninth studio recording, IZZ deliver their masterpiece: "Don't Panic" bursts with clever ideas, artistic arrangements and joy of playing. In addition, the group is proving to be more progresful here than ever before. As the title suggests, "Don't Panic" does indeed refer to Douglas Adams' cult radio play and novel series "Hitchhiking through the Galaxy", but differently than one might initially suspect. We talked about it with John Galgano and Paul Bremner.