NO-MAN's album "Love You To Bits" turns 80's synthie pop into new prog

2. December 2019

No-Man Steven Wilson Tim Bowness

Auf NO-MANs Album „Love You To Bits“ wird 80er-Synthie-Pop zum neuen Prog

Tim Bowness, singer of the artpop duo No-Man, whose other creative half is known as Steven Wilson, expects that their new album "Love You To Bits" could cause controversy: "One of the most interesting things about it is that I can't at all estimate how the reactions to it will be," admits the Brit and adds: "I hope, however, that it will be perceived as a work that is as accessible as it is ambitious and one of the most courageous and extraordinary No-Man albums. Hopefully people will give him a chance and hear it as a whole. Where it leads and how it ends cannot be determined from the first five minutes."

In fact, No-Man took a risk with "Love You To Bits." On the surface, the album can be seen as a return to 1980s synth pop - a genre that is not very popular among progressive fans. In fact, it offers much more - especially those artpop elements that have given No-Man a growing fan base over the past 25 years. It consists of only two longtracks with a total length of 36 minutes. "There are certainly synthie-pop elements in it, and I jokingly said recently that the album was a synthie-pop song with a sublime vision. But I can't remember any synthie-pop band that dared to play a 36-minute conceptual piece," explains Bowness.

No-Man - Love You To Bits - Bit 1 (Listening Video)

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