NO-MAN's album "Love You To Bits" turns 80's synthie pop into new prog

02. December 2019

Auf NO-MANs Album „Love You To Bits“ wird 80er-Synthie-Pop zum neuen Prog

Tim Bowness, singer of the artpop duo No-Man, whose other creative half is known as Steven Wilson, expects that their new album "Love You To Bits" could cause controversy: "One of the most interesting things about it is that I can't at all estimate how the reactions to it will be," admits the Brit and adds: "I hope, however, that it will be perceived as a work that is as accessible as it is ambitious and one of the most courageous and extraordinary No-Man albums. Hopefully people will give him a chance and hear it as a whole. Where it leads and how it ends cannot be determined from the first five minutes."

TIM BOWNESS - eleven short film stories

20. March 2019

TIM BOWNESS - elf filmische Kurzgeschichten

He has to laugh when you talk to him about his typical melancholy and also: "I don't like to talk. I never liked it before. I'm much better at writing. If you like, I'll be happy to answer your questions by email," Tim Bowness admits right at the beginning of the conversation. But he doesn't get away that easily. Especially not if you have the reserved British singer on the phone. Furthermore, Bowness, who for many years and various albums together with his musical partner Steven Wilson forms the artpop/artrock duo no-man, has a lot to say about his new solo album "Flowers At The Scene". An album that offers his typical artpop with melancholic songs and for which he was able to win the support of an illustrious group of musical guests.

eclipsed: Your last album "Lost In The Ghost Light" was a concept album. Now it's eleven independent songs.

TIM BOWNESS "Lost In The Ghost Light"

20. March 2017

"Lost in the Ghost Light doesn't sound like no-man. It sounds neither like the earlier works of Tim Bowness (the singer of no-man) nor like The Pineapple Thief, which one might think, as their frontman Bruce Soord can be heard as guitarist on five of the eight tracks of the current album. "Lost In The Ghost Light" is something completely new in the career of Tim Bowness, namely flawless art rock.

TIM BOWNESS "Stupid Things That Mean The World"

28. August 2015

He just has a characteristic voice. If Tim Bowness is represented as a guest vocalist on an album of other musicians, you can hear him out. Of course, his singing is also at the centre of the new work of the northern German "Stupid Things That Mean The World" and makes its mark on the sound.