ALAN PARSONS - Magic role backwards

14. May 2019

ALAN PARSONS - Magische Rolle Rückwärts

15 years is between A Valid Path and The Secret. His excursion into the electronica realm had not brought any success to the eponym of the Alan Parsons Project, multiple Grammy winner and sound engineer of albums like "Abbey Road" or "The Dark Side Of The Moon". So the Englishman remained silent for a long time as an album artist. Now Parsons returns to the symphonic rock realms for which he is known and loved. But how much can "The Secret" really tear in 2019?

eclipsed No. 181 / 6-2016

31. December 2016

THE BEATLES - Turn off your mind... 50 Years "Revolver"

ALAN PARSONS - Full tube with choir

25. May 2016

ALAN PARSONS - Full tube with choir

The music of only a few rock acts is so predestined for a symphonic realization as that of the Alan Parsons Project. Here rock sounds, electronic components and orchestral music merge to form an art rock jewel. Andrew Powell, who has worked with avant-garde composers such as Karlheinz Stockhausen and György Ligeti, took on the role of arranger and conductor on the albums. His work comes fully to bear in the live implementation. Alan Parsons (67) reports how it came to "Live In Colombia".

eclipsed: Your music has always had an orchestral touch. How did the Alan Parsons Symphonic Project come about?

eclipsed No. 65 / 9-2004

09. April 2014