GEORGE HARRISON - 50 Years of All Things Must Pass

05. October 2021

GEORGE HARRISON - 50 Jahre All Things Must Pass

For the 50th anniversary, George Harrison's classic "All Things Must Pass" will be remixed and released in various deluxe editions - albeit with a one-year delay due to corona. Responsible for the remix was British sound engineer Paul Hicks, who had previously been involved in the arrangement of the tracks for the John Lennon retrospective "Gimme Some Truth", among others. On top of that, Hicks is good friends with Harrison's son Dhani, with whom he played in a band for a long time. We talked to him about the sense and nonsense of remixing a classic and the disadvantages of Phil Spector's production method.

eclipsed: Do you remember your first encounter with George Harrison's album "All Things Must Pass"?

PAUL McCARTNEY - "McCartney III" - The rediscovery of intimacy

14. December 2020

PAUL McCARTNEY - „McCartney III“ – Die Wiederentdeckung der Intimität

The consequences of the pandemic are unpredictable: Who would have thought that forty years after "McCartney II", Paul McCartney would still be recording a third part of his do-it-yourself album series? "When I'm locked up alone in my studio," the 78-year-old ex-beatle thought during the lockdown in spring, "I might as well make a little music.. On the occasion of the release of "McCartney III" on 11 December, eclipsed will shed light on the story behind an unconventional album trilogy.

In fact, the first two "McCartney" albums were also rather coincidental products, which were at the same time symptomatic of the time in which they were made. Incidentally, both the 1970s and 1980s works had a shocking effect on critics and fans in their own way

1970: "McCartney" - fragments and unfinished ideas

JOHN LENNON - Comeback with a sudden end

14. December 2020

JOHN LENNON - Comeback mit jähem Ende

John Lennon would have celebrated his 80th birthday on October 9th, if he had not been torn out of life in a dramatic way almost exactly 40 years ago, on December 8th, 1980. Shortly before that, on 17 November, he had released "Double Fantasy" with Yoko Ono, his last album in his lifetime, which was to be the beginning of a major comeback after a five-year retreat into private life. eclipsed sets out on a search for clues in the fateful year 1980.

RINGO STARR - Mr. Love & Peace

05. July 2020

RINGO STARR - Mr. Love & Peace

Ex-Beatle RINGO STARR turns 80 on July 7th - and finally gets the recognition he always wanted

Richard Starkey alias Ringo Starr has been in disagreement - and that for decades. For his fans, he is one of the most important drummers in rock history. Between 1962 and 1970, he recorded twelve albums with the Fab Four and sold 600 million copies. "John, Paul, George and Ringo have turned the world upside down," Lemmy von Motörhead once mused. "Just the way people listened to music and thought about rock bands."

THE BEATLES SOLO - From the Fab Four to four individual artists

06. June 2020

THE BEATLES SOLO - Von den Fab Four zu vier Einzelkünstlern

After the failed attempt to rekindle the old fire during the "Get Back" sessions, the Beatles experienced a rapid process of disintegration: the cracks that had already opened up during the "White Album" became bigger and bigger. The separation in April 1970 led to chaos: The creative couple Lennon/McCartney was history, friendships were broken, but at the same time the four musicians were still contractually bound to each other. How did it continue for them? How can their solo work of the 70s be assessed from today's perspective? eclipsed tells the story of the end of the world's most famous band and a diverse new beginning.

THE BEATLES - With last strength: 50 years "Abbey Road"

09. September 2019

THE BEATLES - Mit letzten Kräften: 50 Jahre „Abbey Road“

On 26 September 1969 the Beatles released their last album recorded together: "Abbey Road". An amazing work full of surprises. Above all, however, it was a miracle that the group, shaken by quarrels and financial imponderables, had come together again and recorded a record together. A record that can confidently be seen as the quintessence of the groundbreaking formation's work. eclipsed is once again on the lookout for clues on the 50th anniversary of the release of "Abbey Road".

THE BEATLES - Project Management à la John, Paul, George & Ringo

01. November 2018

THE BEATLES - Projektmanagement à la John, Paul, George & Ringo

In November a 6CD/Blu-ray box will be released on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the release of "The Beatles", commonly known as the White Album. As with the 50th Anniversary Edition of "Sgt. Pepper", the son of Beatles producer George Martin sat at the controls. Giles Martin not only gave the White Album a new sound, but also digged deep into the archives. We talked to the mastermind behind the Beatles-Reissues about his work on the mammoth project.

At the centre of the "White Album" box are the legendary "Esher Demos", a kind of unplugged version of the record, which have been circulating for years as lousy sounding bootlegs and now for the first time shine in real splendour. But also officially unreleased songs like "Circles" or "Child Of Nature" can be found in the box. Giles Martin (49), an uncomplicated, sometimes sympathetically talked-about contemporary, is happy to provide information about this new treasure on the phone.

1968 - The year of awakening

02. August 2018

1968 - Das Jahr des Erwachens

Sergeant Pepper had done a good job: The pop music that followed in 1968 ignited a firework of new styles and genres, the effects of which can still be felt today. All this unfolded against the background of enormous political and social upheavals. The peaceful utopias that had made the hippies the leading force of the younger generation in the previous year seemed to have worn off and overtaken each other in a very short time. A look back at a musical year that became a symbol.

eclipsed No. 192 / 7/8-2017

18. July 2018

eclipsed No. 191 / 6-2017

18. July 2018