Kalle Wallner's solo project BLIND EGO grows into a real band

02. March 2020

Kalle Wallners Solo-Projekt BLIND EGO wächst sich zu einer echten Band aus

The two masterminds of RPWL, Kalle Wallner and Yogi Lang, traditionally take creative time out between albums of their main band, which they each fill with solo projects. Guitarist Wallner does this with Blind Ego, who first appeared in 2007 with the album "Mirror". After the last tour for the studio album "Liquid" (2016), the band underwent a line-up change, and this line-up is now also active on the brand new album "Preaching To The Choir". Besides vocalist Scott Balaban it includes drummer Michael Christoph and additionally on guitar and bass Julian Kellner and Sebastian Harnack respectively.

eclipsed: The tour for "Liquid" has apparently stabilized the current formation with singer Scott Balaban. How does the status quo look like with you?

RPWL guitarist Kalle Wallner takes on the next challenge with BLIND EGO

23. November 2016

RPWL guitarist Kalle Wallner takes on the next challenge with BLIND EGO

eclipsed: Just now the soundcheck with RPWL, now the interview for Blind Ego, afterwards the RPWL concert. How do you switch back and forth?

Kalle Wallner: I'm actually used to having all the different construction sites at the same time now. At the latest, since our label Gentle Art Of Music exists, there is always a lot to do. You get used to it, too. RPWL and Blind Ego side by side is actually easy, because I'm heavily involved in both. So that's a pretty good fit.

eclipsed: Seven years have passed since the last blind ego album "Numb". When did you start working on the new album "Liquid"?

BLIND EGO "Liquid"

11. November 2016

We can only repeat ourselves: Kalle Wallner is one of Germany's best and most emotional guitarists. But apart from the RPWL fans, nobody has really understood that yet. Of course, it's not surprising that on "Liquid", the third album of his solo project Blind Ego, the guitars play a much more important role than on the sound journeys of the Freising Floyd aficionados.

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 90

26. October 2016

WOLF PEOPLE - Night Witch (3:48)
Album: Ruins (2016)
Label/Distribution: Secretly Group/Cargo

Here the pop, proto-prog and canterbury folk rock of the late sixties shake hands with modern times. This happens on the new album "Ruins" so similarly several times, also "Night Witch" gets stuck very pleasantly in the ear canals with its ingratiating vocal melody. Album of the month. (RELEASE: 11.11.)