eclipsed No. 185 / 11-2016

31. December 2016

PINK FLOYD - The early years

Half a century after the founding of the band and two years after the end of Pink Floyd announced by David Gilmour, the art-rock legend presents "The Early Years 1965-1972", a box full of 27 CDs full of rarities from her early years. We take this publication as an opportunity to recapitulate these eight formative years - the prehistory of a world career. We also let Nick Mason speak in detail about the huge archive box and his memories of that phase.

GROBSCHNITT - Rockpalastrevolte

THE BREW - Next attempt

26. October 2016

THE BREW - Next attempt

Tim Smith and his son Kurtis Smith have been working on bass and drums for eleven years, providing the rhythmic basis for frontman Jason Barwick to really let off steam. They manage to do this live at almost every concert, so that Brew novices stagger happily out of the club and are happy to have discovered a contemporary blues rock-soaked band. A band that has created something very lively on the sound basis of Cream, Jimi Hendrix, The Who and Led Zeppelin. Less euphoric is the view of their results in the studio. Apart from a few song pearls, the band only managed to score with "A Million Dead Stars" (2010) over the years. Can the new recording "Shake The Tree" keep up with that...?

Tim Smith: That's no way for you as a musician to approach a new record! You sit down, look at your song ideas, and when it feels really good for a new album, you take a break from the stage and try to capture the songs in the best possible way.

eclipsed No. 158 / 3-2014

09. September 2014

In Concert 1974

The star is the music. This was always the credo of Pink Floyds. Nothing should distract from the music and its sound, primarily not the musicians themselves. Nevertheless, the English formation had already had a reputation on their psychedelic days for offering their audience live happenings rather than concerts.

14 classic live releases of the year 1974

eclipsed No. 134 / 10-2011

11. April 2014

The refinement of the perfect

With "Why Pink Floyd?" the British rock legend Pink Floyd not only refines their back catalogue, but also launches a marketing campaign that even surpasses the Beatles madness of 2010. eclipsed drummer Nick Mason took to the verbal sweatbox and demanded Tacheles - about ongoing reunion rumours, unreleased recordings, the current band chemistry and mistakes of the past. We also interviewed sound engineer Andy Jackson about his experiences with Pink Floyd. And: We start the walk through all the studios where the band ever recorded.

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