eclipsed No. 184 / 10-2016

31. December 2016

LED ZEPPELIN - The Last Remaster?

"That's it," my ass! Jimmy Page has charmingly told us about the new editions of "Presence", "In Through The Out Door" and "Coda". With "The Complete BBC Sessions" the 72-year-old Englishman once again enters the Remasters-Ring and adds eight songs to the live recordings from the late 60s and early 70s as well as a lot of discussion needs. We report what awaits the fan and discuss with Jimmy Page the new extended and revised re-release - possibly the last remaster.

THE BEATLES - Always on the move

Too good to be brave - MEAT LOAF says goodbye...

21. September 2016

 Too good to be brave - MEAT LOAF says goodbye...

The songs were written as hoped by "Bat Out Of Hell" mastermind Jim Steinman. Among them also the opener "Who Needs The Young" which is questionable at least among rock fans. On the interjection that the track is strangely placed in the first place, as it seems more like a musical number, you can feel how the elemental force breaks out of Meat Loaf, which you painfully miss at some points of the album. "This is the first song Jim ever wrote. It was to be recorded first for 'Bat', but did not fit into the songframe. It was clear to me that we had to record the title now and as an introduction to the album. It's a cabaret song, a piece that fits right here in Berlin."

eclipsed No. 150 / 5-2013

12. April 2014

The Turn of Time - 40 Years The Dark Side Of The Moon

To describe the success and influence of "The Dark Side Of The Moon", you can't get far with conventional superlatives. Pink Floyd have brought about nothing less than a paradigm shift in rock music with this album. Perhaps the greatest merit of the group was the fact that it made the artful, skilful rock music palatable to a whole new class of listeners. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the release of the famous record eclipsed enters the far side of the moon.


eclipsed No. 120 / 5-2010

11. April 2014

eclipsed shopping list SPECIAL

The rumours are still spreading: Yes will go on tour in 2010 - in two independent bands!? Yes go to the studio in 2010 - with Anderson replacement Benoît David!? What is clear is that something is happening this year at the glorious Prog institution. We asked Yes-Urgestein Chris Squire for more information and delivered an eclipsed shopping list SPECIAL.

The drama of "Let It Be":
THE BEATLES and their latest studio album