eclipsed No. 194 / 10-2017

18. July 2018

MOGWAI: "Even if we're quiet, we're loud."

20. September 2017

MOGWAI: "Even if we're quiet, we're loud."

Bands like Mogwai never get quiet. Even if they fall silent for a few years between their albums, their Walls of Noise always echo longer than they could hold themselves back. Their return is always furious. Twenty years ago they published their studio debut "Mogwai Young Team". With the new work "Every Country's Sun" the British post-rock greats return to their starting point. And at the same time expand their combat zone.

With "Every Country's Sun" the Scottish band Mogwai releases their ninth studio album, not counting their soundtracks. Never before has she set out such a broad spectrum, never before has she been so difficult to categorize as on this album in the twenty-second year of her existence. Guitarist Stuart Braithwaite and drummer Martin Bulloch answer eclipsed questions.

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eclipsed No. 180 / 5-2016

31. December 2016

KING CRIMSON - Always back to the beginning

Atomic Big Bang - On the soundtrack album "Atomic" MOGWAI explore new ways of making music

20. April 2016

Atomic Big Bang - On the soundtrack album "Atomic" MOGWAI explore new ways of making music

2015 was a year of change for Mogwai. Original member John Cummings left the band surprisingly, but a new project was already on the way. Northern Irish director Mark Cousins hired the quartet to accompany his ambitious documentary "Atomic, Living In Dread And Promise" with music; a job the band didn't want to cancel despite Cummings' departure. "The album was also a test for the band," explains multi-instrumentalist and sound witch Barry Burns, "we didn't know how Mogwai would work without John. It's funny when a founding member leaves you, it has a direct effect on the musical collaboration. And we didn't have much time. The music was finally recorded in twelve days."

MOGWAI "Atomic"

16. March 2016

A rock band grows beyond itself. As if Mogwai didn't already have a size subscription. But after the Scots had landed on the neon light dance floor with their last CD "Rave Tapes", they find their way back to the big art form and gesture on "Atomic". The album is a soundtrack. But it's unusual, because the songs don't have the usual length of snippets, but each last four to six minutes.

eclipsed No. 175 / 11-2015

09. December 2015

NEIL YOUNG - The Indomitable

Even as a young singer, as a representative of the hippie generation, Neil Young didn't mince his words. And he has remained the most controversial, sometimes in the best sense of the word uninhibited spirit of rock music: The Canadian, who turns seventy on November 12, shows no signs of age-mild. In the following we show why it is so important that "the old man" is still there.

JEFF LYNNE'S ELO - Alte Schule

MOGWAI - "I don't want to play in a jam band"

22. October 2015

MOGWAI - "I don't want to play in a jam band"

In 1995 Stuart Braithwaite and Dominic Aitchison founded the band Mogwai in Glasgow. Named after a Japanese demon, the Scots have so far inspired their audience on eight studio albums with a partly brute, partly melancholic wide-screen sound. For the 20th anniversary "Central Belters" will be released, a compilation of classics and rarities curated by the group itself on six LPs and three CDs. So it's a fitting occasion to talk to keyboarder and soundtracker Barry Burns about two decades of band history.

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