PAUL McCARTNEY - "McCartney III" - The rediscovery of intimacy

14. December 2020

PAUL McCARTNEY - „McCartney III“ – Die Wiederentdeckung der Intimität

The consequences of the pandemic are unpredictable: Who would have thought that forty years after "McCartney II", Paul McCartney would still be recording a third part of his do-it-yourself album series? "When I'm locked up alone in my studio," the 78-year-old ex-beatle thought during the lockdown in spring, "I might as well make a little music.. On the occasion of the release of "McCartney III" on 11 December, eclipsed will shed light on the story behind an unconventional album trilogy.

In fact, the first two "McCartney" albums were also rather coincidental products, which were at the same time symptomatic of the time in which they were made. Incidentally, both the 1970s and 1980s works had a shocking effect on critics and fans in their own way

1970: "McCartney" - fragments and unfinished ideas

THE BEATLES SOLO - From the Fab Four to four individual artists

06. June 2020

THE BEATLES SOLO - Von den Fab Four zu vier Einzelkünstlern

After the failed attempt to rekindle the old fire during the "Get Back" sessions, the Beatles experienced a rapid process of disintegration: the cracks that had already opened up during the "White Album" became bigger and bigger. The separation in April 1970 led to chaos: The creative couple Lennon/McCartney was history, friendships were broken, but at the same time the four musicians were still contractually bound to each other. How did it continue for them? How can their solo work of the 70s be assessed from today's perspective? eclipsed tells the story of the end of the world's most famous band and a diverse new beginning.

PAUL MCCARTNEY - Inpatient stay

27. September 2018

PAUL MCCARTNEY - Stationärer Aufenthalt

Paul McCartney brought a lot with him from his long life journey. With full pockets, he gets on the train at the "Egypt Station" and looks back with relish. A Beatle who has long been more than a former member of a legend knows how to enjoy life to the full. This quality can be heard on the seventeenth solo album of the famous Englishman.

It may be a miracle that the Rolling Stones still exist. A much greater miracle, however, is that there was the Beatles. Were they really real, or were they just the result of a megalomaniac's fantasy? From today's perspective, they seem as mythical as Odysseus or King Arthur. A living indication that the Beatles do not belong to the realm of legend, but were four people of flesh and blood, is the tireless Paul McCartney. At the age of 76 he doesn't seem to have lost too much of the vitality and fabulism of his youth, as his new album "Egypt Station" shows.

eclipsed No. 108 / 2-2009

10. April 2014


It's done: After years of waiting, the last of the three Genesis box sets has finally been released! It contains the albums of the years 1970 to 1975. For many die-hard fans, this period is the essential, most innovative phase of the English prog formation. Eclipsed also shows its colours and takes a look back at the glorious Gabriel Years - garnished with exclusive comments by legendary Genesis producer John Burns.

The eclipsed annual review

eclipsed No. 98 / 2-2008

10. April 2014

The Maccavelli of Pop

He was one of four in the Beatles. But since 1970 Sir Paul McCartney (65) has been popping on his own account. The result was a lot of hits, but also "Silly Love Songs". So ingenious and jargon - and the realization that pop gods are only human beings...

The eclipsed annual review

eclipsed No. 76 / 10-2005

09. April 2014

eclipsed No. 75 / 9-2005

09. April 2014