COLIN EDWIN - The Laughing Fourth

28. June 2022

COLIN EDWIN - Der lachende Vierte

Former Porcupine Tree bassist COLIN EDWIN has been involved in various other projects for 25 years. For many Porcupine Tree fans, Colin Edwin was always the smiling man in the background, providing tasteful bass lines and being an indispensable part of the band. On the occasion of the reunion of his ex-colleagues, we would like to take the opportunity to draw attention to the many side projects in which the native Australian was or is involved. On top of that, the 51-year-old also told us what he thinks of the comeback of his three former comrades-in-arms

eclipsed: Twenty-five years ago you started playing in other bands apart from Porcupine Tree. The first was Ex-Wise Heads, which you formed with multi-instrumentalist Geoff Leigh, who was once a member of Henry Cow. How did that come about?

RICHARD BARBIERI - Strange things under the duvet

03. March 2021

RICHARD BARBIERI - Merkwürdige Dinge unter der Bettdecke

Ex-Japan and ex-Porcupine Tree keyboardist Richard Barbieri presents his fourth solo album with "Under A Spell". Once again, the quiet Brit has succeeded in creating an album full of unusual sounds, hypnotic grooves and an otherworldly atmosphere. In the eclipsed interview he reveals the secret of his greatest influence.

ASTARTA / EDWIN - Unusual Liaison with two Ukrainian Ladies

26. October 2016

ASTARTA / EDWIN - Unusual Liaison with two Ukrainian Ladies

Even before Porcupine Tree were on ice, bassist Colin Edwin had some musical projects on the side. But since the band has changed into its inactive phase, i.e. since 2010, the activities of the Australian are also increasing. He's as good a bandleader as Steven Wilson: With the bands Random Noise Generator, Metallic Taste Of Blood and O.R.k. he dedicates himself to modern visions of progressive metal. At the Ex-Wise Heads he tries his hand at North African folklore. As Endless Tapes or Burnt Belief and in joint albums with the guitarists Jon Durant or Lorenzo Feliciato he plays an ambient mixture of unobtrusive art rock and equally unobtrusive jazz. Not to mention his solo albums.

eclipsed No. 147 / 2-2013

12. April 2014


Our view of 2012 is not angrier. On the contrary: the past of rock and pop has hardly appeared in a year as brilliant as in the past. Old heroes remind us of past, but not forgotten great deeds with new activities. You don't have to worry about hero offspring either. Young musicians are creative and tradition-conscious at the same time, and able to lead rock and pop into the future.

Time for S.O.N.G.S

eclipsed No. 114 / 10-2009

10. April 2014

The next big thing

The new album is here! It's called "The Incident." As with every new recording of Porcupine Tree, the expectations of fans and critics are enormous: The band has long since earned a reputation as an innovator of art rock. Will the album be the next big thing? Or is it a lot of smoke for nothing? According to bandleader Steven Wilson, "The Incident" is one of the best things he has ever created.

Metamorphosis of a Band

eclipsed No. 113 / 9-2009

10. April 2014

It's certainly a thrill: How the Beatles invented the prog

In the sixties a whole generation of musicians hung on the Beatles' rock lofts and eagerly picked up on their impulses - in the relatively short span of their work the Fab Four became the most influential band of the pop era. How did this happen?


eclipsed No. 92 / 5-2007

09. April 2014

Myth of the Resurrection

What would The Doors be without Jim Morrison? Or the other way around, what would Jim Morrison be without The Doors? Morrison is an icon, the Doors are a legend. A myth that is refreshed every few years with a new compilation. 40 years after the release of their cult debut The Doors now let all their samplers lead into a "The Very Best Of". But who needs a new Doors compilation? After all, no new material has been added for 35 years, and the only two albums without Morrison were never released on CD.


eclipsed No. 71 / 4-2005

09. April 2014

eclipsed No. 53 / 6-2003

09. April 2014

eclipsed No. 49 / 2-2003

09. April 2014