RIVAL SONS - Untamed and apolitical

31. January 2019

RIVAL SONS - Ungezähmt und unpolitisch

The wild animal on the cover of their latest album "Feral Roots" is shot. Will the Rival Sons - until now hungry saviours of the retro wave - now jump through the music world with friendly little deer eyes? No, luckily not, even if Scott Holiday doesn't want the wildness of reality to spread in the world of his band. No politics!

Scott Holiday is lolling on the freshly moved double bed as we enter his hotel room. "I'm gonna lie here, okay? Come here to me," he whispers. Uh, okay. But the guitarist has no sensual ulterior motives, he is just tired because of a cancelled flight. All right, let's just talk lying down..

eclipsed: Since the first album you have been working with producer Dave Cobb. Recently you've also been signed to his label. What makes the collaboration so special is that you kept it up and even deepened it for so long instead of changing producers more often like other bands?

eclipsed No. 181 / 6-2016

31. December 2016

THE BEATLES - Turn off your mind... 50 Years "Revolver"

Music From Time And Space Vol. 61

22. June 2016

RIVAL SONS - Tied Up (3:25)
Album: Hollow Bones (2016)
Label/Distribution: Earache/ADA/Warner

When the Californians gather for their recording sessions, a lot of 70s stuff - musically meant - has to race through their brains; grooves, vocals, song construction seem to come directly from that time. Beside Bluesrock there are also soul and psychedelic parts like in this song.

RIVAL SONS "Hollow Bones"

13. June 2016

A blues rock combo on a traditional death metal label? The Rival Sons and their new album are undoubtedly unusual in many ways. The Californians have played their way into the hearts of many metal fans for years as supporters of acts like Judas Priest. They are currently touring with Black Sabbath. Ozzy Osbourne is said to have described the band as the best discovery of recent years.

Master and master student - RIVAL SONS Retro-Recken tour with rock legends and are praised by them

23. May 2016

Master and master student - RIVAL SONS Retro-Recken tour with rock legends and are praised by them

On their new album "Hollow Bones", the four Californians once again inspire with impetuous energy, wild blues rock and a hint of 70s nostalgia. As with the predecessor, the comparison with Led Zeppelin is obvious. "We all actually hear a lot of Led Zeppelin and are often compared to them," says bassist Dave Beste, who has been with the Rival Sons since 2013. "Personally, I don't think the new album in particular sounds like this. We weren't influenced by other bands either, only by ourselves."

He explains the feeling of listening to "Hollow Bones", a blues rock/hard rock record from the seventies: "This is probably due to our way of recording, which is basically quite old-fashioned. We play the pieces together, live, so to speak. Maybe here and there something will be recorded and improved one by one, nothing more. We have about three and a half weeks for the studio recordings, and that's it. There's no such thing as tinkering with it forever afterwards."

RIVAL SONS "Great Western Valkyrie"

28. May 2014

The Californian foursome also kidnaps its listeners with its fourth album into the seventies, sometimes even a decade further back. Each one of the ten songs was so lovingly trimmed to old that one would like to give in to the illusion that one had discovered a lost band from the heyday of super-reliable blues rock. Anyone who does this kind of retro is, of course, almost conjuring up comparisons. "Electric Man" features a guitar riff and solo that Jimi Hendrix could have come up with; the vocals are a bit reminiscent of Hendrix's voice, but also contain Rory-Gallagher parts.