eclipsed No. 174 / 10-2015

09. December 2015

U2 - The ultimate live band

The true greatness of U2 proves itself in its live capabilities. Like no other band in the world, the Irish have been able to stage themselves anew again and again over the past four decades, and have captivated even the most critical of audiences. While their studio albums are subject to strong qualitative fluctuations, Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. are still a power on stage today. eclipsed shows why and garnished the whole thing with concert memories of its authors.

RIVERSIDE - Back from the Midlife Crisis

23. September 2015

RIVERSIDE - Back from the Midlife Crisis

Loreley, "Night Of The Prog" 2015. As the first magazine worldwide we get the new album "Love, Fear And The Time Machine" played by Riverside singer/bass player Mariusz Duda himself in the band manager's car. Duda, who celebrates his 40th birthday on 25 September, initially seems surprisingly nervous and agitated when he reports on the genesis of the sixth studio work. Above all, one statement makes you sit up and take notice: "I don't know whether this is the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning". This is not the only reason why we agree after the first run: "Love, Fear And The Time Machine" represents a caesura in the band's vita. It is an album that is extremely strongly influenced by the personality of Duda.

RIVERSIDE "Love, Fear And The Time Machine"

15. September 2015

A single Hammond chord gently flows out of the boxes. And suddenly there it is: the wonderfully moving, crystal-clear voice of Mariusz Duda. In the background, Piotr Grundzińskis also gently pushes poetic guitar into focus. Then, after just one minute: what a melody! And there you are, caught in the latest sound and feeling frenzy of Riverside, who once again sound completely different and yet lovingly familiar on their sixth album "Love, Fear And The Time Machine".

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 83

26. August 2015

KADAVAR - Last Living Dinosaur (4:04)
Album: Berlin (2015)
Label/Distribution: Nuclear Blast/Warner

The riff monsters from Berlin have set a heavy rock monument with this disc of their adopted city. From now on all Black Sabbath epigones of this world will have to be measured against this album. And at the same time Kadavar have set the bar damn high for their future studio works.

LUNATIC SOUL - Eclipse of the soul

27. November 2014

LUNATIC SOUL - Eclipse of the soul

He wanders between two worlds, two hearts beating in his chest. This becomes clear when Mariusz Duda answers the phone: "Hello, here is Mariusz from... ah... Lunatic Soul or Riverside". Short confusion on the Polish side of the line, followed by a short laugh on both sides. It's about Lunatic Soul this time - and about the new album, which presents itself with dark, trance-like art rock.

eclipsed: "Walking On A Flashlight Beam" is the first Lunatic-Soul album with a colored cover and a real title. Does that symbolize that you've opened a new chapter?

Mariusz Duda: I hope so. On the one hand I wanted to keep my characteristic style, on the other hand I wanted to enter new terrain. Nevertheless, the album is connected to its two predecessors. The content is something like the prehistory of the first album. It's the story of a man before his birth.

eclipsed No. 147 / 2-2013

12. April 2014


Our view of 2012 is not angrier. On the contrary: the past of rock and pop has hardly appeared in a year as brilliant as in the past. Old heroes remind us of past, but not forgotten great deeds with new activities. You don't have to worry about hero offspring either. Young musicians are creative and tradition-conscious at the same time, and able to lead rock and pop into the future.

Time for S.O.N.G.S

eclipsed No. 113 / 9-2009

10. April 2014

It's certainly a thrill: How the Beatles invented the prog

In the sixties a whole generation of musicians hung on the Beatles' rock lofts and eagerly picked up on their impulses - in the relatively short span of their work the Fab Four became the most influential band of the pop era. How did this happen?


eclipsed No. 96 / 11-2007

09. April 2014

eclipsed-Check: The 100 greatest instrumentals of all time

"Talk is silver, silence is gold" - this evergreen wisdom makes eclipsed its own and presents the 100 greatest instrumentals of all time. With many special lists like the best guitar-, prog-, trip- & electronic-instrumentals as well as the reader-top 50. U.a. with Pink Floyd + Jimi Hendrix + Steve Vai + The Allman Brothers Band + The Alan Parsons Project + Genesis + Yes + Dream Theater + Radiohead + ELO + Frank Zappa + Mogwai + Cream + Jethro Tull + Santana + Porcupine Tree + Pink Floyd + David Bowie + Sigur Rós..