LUNATIC SOUL - The end is approaching

15. November 2017

Lunatic Soul Mariusz Duda Riverside

LUNATIC SOUL - The end is approaching

Mariusz Duda and Riverside are back on track after the difficult year 2016. How happy the 42-year-old musician really is can only be guessed between the lines. During Riverside's ongoing European tour he gives eclipsed insights into the backgrounds - including the emotional ones - of the new Lunatic Soul album.

eclipsed: You explained that you wanted to free me from the events of 2016 - including the death of Riverside founding member Piotr Grudziński - with the new Lunatic Soul recording. Did that work?

Duda: Yes, definitely. Last year it was all about survival for me, because it was very hard. I had to do two things: get Riverside running again after Piotr's death and record another Lunatic Soul album. We're in the middle of a riverside tour right now. We have played almost forty concerts, and thirteen more are still outstanding. When the tour is over, the new Lunatic Soul album will be officially released one day later. So my plans have been fulfilled. I'm happy, and it did me good.

eclipsed: What was it that caused you in 2016 besides Piotr's death?

Duda: First of all a very good friend of mine died with Piotr, that was a disaster for me. My father died just three months later. It was an accident. He was neither old nor sick. I lost him all of a sudden. Another three months later, I was divorced. And a short time later, a good friend of mine fell seriously ill. 2016 wasn't a good year. I had to deal with myself to survive. All I wanted and had to do, you can listen to Fractured.

eclipsed: "So "Fractured" has an overriding theme that connects the songs?

Duda: The whole Lunatic Soul project is a concept. Everything is connected. The first and the second album, the black and the white, were about the journey into a life after death. Impressions was about stress, tension, loneliness, suicide. "Fractured is about loss. It's about the feelings when you lose someone. But I didn't want to reflect all my black thoughts, because the previous album "Walking On A Flashlight Beam" was the saddest album I ever recorded in my career. I thought to myself, it's enough. I didn't want to drift into that darkness again. I wanted to create an album that would help me get back on my feet. I think I succeeded.

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