ROGER WATERS - Soldier, Narrator, Devil

30. November 2018

ROGER WATERS - Soldat, Erzähler, Teufel

Although Roger Waters presented his first opera "Ça Ira" a few years ago, he is usually not regarded as a classical composer. However, the now 75-year-old already came into contact with classical works in the school choir of his hometown Cambridge and later became enthusiastic about Hector Berlioz' "Symphonie fantastique". Waters' latest classical coup is a new recording of Igor Stravinsky's anti-war piece "L'histoire du soldat". Interesting: Waters does not appear as a musician, but as a speaker.

eclipsed No. 191 / 6-2017

18. July 2018

ROGER WATERS - Late victory

25. May 2017

ROGER WATERS - Late victory

He was tired and exhausted, had already talked too much the last few days and had to step down a bit today. What the manager of Roger Waters passes on to the representative of the New York record company in the best sergeant manner shows little respect for half a dozen journalists who travelled from all over the world to the Big Apple to speak to the former Pink Floyd mastermind. All dates on a rainy Thursday noon at the end of April will be severely shortened. A nonchalant approach, which is not even communicated to most of those affected, in order to avoid resentment.