22. August 2017

eclipsed No. 185 / 11-2016

31. December 2016

PINK FLOYD - The early years

Half a century after the founding of the band and two years after the end of Pink Floyd announced by David Gilmour, the art-rock legend presents "The Early Years 1965-1972", a box full of 27 CDs full of rarities from her early years. We take this publication as an opportunity to recapitulate these eight formative years - the prehistory of a world career. We also let Nick Mason speak in detail about the huge archive box and his memories of that phase.

GROBSCHNITT - Rockpalastrevolte

STEVE HILLAGE - "I'm radical"

26. October 2016

STEVE HILLAGE - "I'm radical"

Grinning, Steve Hillage sits on the sofa in the office of his London label Snapper. Today, the guitarist, famous for decades for his radical innovative frenzy, doesn't want to conjure anything new out of his hat. His face is sunbathed in the triumphant satisfaction of the last day of summer, which is nevertheless like the zenith of midsummer. That's how the guitarist feels. In front of him lies a thick black monolith with the inscription "Searching For The Spark". A treasure chest with 22 CDs, many of them unpublished, two books, two small brochures and lots of bonus material.

eclipsed No. 170 / 5-2015

09. December 2015


five years after the end of Dire Straits, her boss threw himself headlong into a solo career. This has continued to this day. And Mark Knopfler will also do a devil thing to change this ideal state for him after his now released eighth recording. A world tour with the Dire Straits? "Much too stressful!"

30 Years GUNS N' ROSES - Greatness and Madness

STEVE HILLAGE - Farewell to big brother and teacher DAEVID ALLEN

23. April 2015

STEVE HILLAGE - Farewell to big brother and teacher DAEVID ALLEN

STEVE HILLAGE reminds exclusively in eclipsed of his friend and band mate DAEVID ALLEN, who died in March...

eclipsed: What was your first impression of Daevid when you met him?

Steve Hillage: I first met Daevid in the autumn of 1972, in London, in the apartment of the hippie poet and musician Lady June, where Kevin Ayers lived. I first met Daevid as a fan of his work, but soon he seemed to me like my long lost big brother. I told him very quickly that I would love to perform with him. He in turn said that he had heard a lot of good things about my guitar playing and that he might come back to my offer earlier than I would like. And so it came: Within a few months I was promoted to a permanent gong member. I was warned against Daevid being unpredictable. But I experienced him from the beginning as rather gentle. Later Daevid told me that he wanted me to be a gong guitarist because he wanted to rejuvenate the band.