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The fourth part of our DVD series "eclipsed @ Rockpalast" offers some classics from the great time of the legendary rock nights of the "WDR Rockpalast". Peter Gabriels Solsbury Hill celebrates its DVD premiere, Ian Hunter lets Bowie Feeling arise together with Mick Ronson ("All The Young Dudes"), The Who conjure up a nine-minute version of their over-track Won't Get Fooled Again on stage. But also the contemporary acts like Kula Shaker, Opeth or Michael Kiwanuka can be seen and heard...

PETER GABRIEL - Essen, Grugahalle, 15./16.9.1978
PETER GABRIEL sings about his ascent to "Solsbury Hill" near his former residence Bath in West England and at the same time reflects his detachment from Genesis. As a live song in the Grugahalle it became the anthem of the night. Nevertheless the Brit could emancipate himself visibly as a solo artist with this gig; with "The Lamb" only one Genesis song was on the program. (ML)

THE WHO - Essen, Grugahalle, 28./29.3.1981
A rock night only with Grateful Dead and The Who - what a great idea by Peter Rüchel! And both bands were in great shape. "Won't Get Fooled Again" from the 71 album classic "Who's Next" you have to play explosive and energetic. It's an indicator if the band's in a really good mood. It was her, gig and song worked. The performance became a minicomeback for the band. (ML)
(DVD "Maximum R&B Live", Universal, 2009)

PETER HAMMILL & THE K GROUP - Hamburg, Markthalle, 26.11.1981
PETER HAMMILL reminded Mark Knopfler of this evening in November from afar with his white headband. In his performance of "Sitting Targets", of course, he had nothing to do with the homely and seductive art rock of the Dire Straits. The English singer and instrumentalist docked here with his accompanying band rather on the bulky New Wave experiments David Bowies, XTCs or King Crimsons. (ST)
(DVD "Live At Rockpalast - Hamburg 1981", MIG/Indigo, 2016)

STEVE HILLAGE - Bensberg, Otto-Hahn-Schule, 20.3.1977
Whether anyone in Bensberg still boasts today of having had the spoiled master guitarist STEVE HILLAGE as a guest for a concert evening forty years ago is not known. The fact is, however, that he offered a spacerock lesson in the tranquil district of Bergisch Gladbach. The plan included the still fresh "The Salmon Song", performed with one of the killer riffs of 70s rock. (ST)
(CD+DVD "Live At Rockpalast" Repertoire/H'Art, 2014)

IAN HUNTER BAND feat. MICK RONSON - Essen, Grugahalle, 19./20.4.1980
A hymn for eternity, which David Bowie left there in 1972 with "All The Young Dudes" Mott The Hoople. His sparring partner at the time, Mick Ronson, had only joined Ian Hunter's band as a permanent member on the last few metres in 1974 and had been in Hunter's sphere of influence ever since. The joint rock night gig was casual, gripping and dripping with great songs. (ML)
(DVD "Live At Rockpalast", MIG/Indigo, 2011)

MINK DEVILLE - Essen, Grugahalle, 17./18.10.1981
On Monday after the Rockpalast everyone talked about frontman Willy DeVille. It was not only his gold crowns, but also his stylish clothes, the constantly glowing cigarettes, the daring mix of styles. Gripping rock'n'roll ballads, romantic songs, restrained hymns to the past and the voice marked by an excessive life stood for a high degree of authenticity. (AT)
(DVD "At Rockpalast 78+81", Repertoire/H'Art, 2014)

JACKIE LEVEN - Bonn, Harmonie, 26.3.2004
The great Scotsman from the mythical Kingdom of Fife region loved life. The autobiographical "Poortoun", staged in an acoustically dazzling and highly effective way, is one of his immortal songs: full of melancholy in his voice, he complains about lost souls and their search for meaning in a small town. JACKIE LEVEN perfectly conveys the typically rough, yet hearty charm of the odd Scots. (WS)
(DVD "Jackie Leven /w Michael Cosgrave - Live At Rockpalast", MIG/Indigo, 2011)

MILLER ANDERSON - Bonn, Harmonie, 19.3.2010
It was the media rebirth of MILLER ANDERSON. The fantastic singer and guitarist, who could look back on an impressive work at the time of his performance, was only known to a few fans. With a mix of songs from the Keef-Hartley era, his own titles and blues arrangements, Anderson celebrated the progressive blues, which negates conventional patterns, and won many new fans. (AT)
(DVD "Live At Rockpalast 2010", MIG/Indigo, 2011)

WOVENHAND - Hamburg, Reeperbahn Festival, 24.9.2016
It's rocky and powerful. This is already made clear by the fact that WOVENHAND's leader David Eugene Edwards is not sitting on his lap with his guitar and his manic bobbing upper body as he used to be, but is standing on the microphone. A mass, a spiritual hypnosis were always his appearances, but in 2016 they also possessed a tremendous power. Certainly a highlight of last year's Reeperbahn Festival. (BSV)

MICHAEL KIWANUKA - Rees/Haldern, Haldern Pop Festival, 12.8.2016
In bright sunshine MICHAEL KIWANUKA and his band bathed "Haldern Pop" in the elegiac sounds of the expansive intro to "Cold Little Heart", the central piece of the current album "Love & Hate". Synthesizer and bottleneck guitar invite you to dream and float away. The two drummers finally ground the space sounds and open one of the Brit's most intense songs. (ST)

OPETH - Gelsenkirchen, Rock Hard Festival, 3.7.2017
Even though Mikael Åkerfeldt felt somehow out of place as headliner after his idol Udo Dirkschneider, OPETH still - or perhaps because of it - played a gig of the extra class in the crowded Gelsenkirchen amphitheatre. The setlist was peppered with great numbers, and the Swedes emphasized their emotional side. Best example: the wonderful "Damnation" song "In My Time Of Need". (MB)

CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX - Bonn, Harmonie, 26.10.2012
The performance at the Crossroads-Festival in 2012 (at that time in a different line-up) captures exactly what CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX is all about: sweaty, highly emotional, sometimes angry art rock, piling up to majestic, epic but rough hymns ("We Forgotten Who We Are"). And, yes, also in Bonn band and audience celebrate "Burnt Reynolds" together. (BSV)

KULA SHAKER - Cologne, Gloria, 6.11.2016
It's simply charming how KULA SHAKER perform their version of song oriented psychedelic rock: with a twinkle in their eye (for example when singer/guitarist Crispian Mills continually repeats the words "Ozric Tentacles" at the beginning of the Hawkwind song "Hurry On Sundown"), a sense of tradition (a bow to George Harrison) and all their own songs inspired by beat and Indian tradition. (BSV)

PURE REASON REVOLUTION - Bonn, Harmonie, 25.10.2008
The English formation was considered a great hope. The longtrack "The Gloaming", not yet released at the time of their Crossroads concert, was the atmospheric highlight of the performance and showed once again that this group, perhaps the most exciting after Porcupine Tree in Modern Prog and New Artrock, was too hasty with its dissolution in 2011. Comeback?! (ML)