STEVE HOWE - Old hippie ideals with new topicality

10. August 2020

STEVE HOWE - Alte Hippie-Ideale mit neuer Aktualität

Yes, the Corona crisis has also thwarted the calculation: Their "Relayer" tour had to be postponed until spring 2021. At least now guitarist Steve Howe shortens the waiting time with his new solo album "Love Is". In the interview he talked about love of the earth as a life principle, Alexander von Humboldt and his pleasure in using his voice in addition to his guitar.

Leaving aside the "Homebrew" series, which is more of a demo, "Time" 2011 was Steve Howe's last solo work so far. In 2017 he recorded "Nexus" with his son Virgil, who died the same year. Both albums consisted of instrumental pieces. On "Love Is", after a long break from singing, he now appears again vocally, whereby he has also invited Yes front man Jon Davison to the harmonic singing session.

eclipsed: Did the Corona break help you finish your solo album?

YES - The countdown has started

21. February 2018

YES - The countdown has started

After reporting on the Yes splinter group under the aegis of Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman in December, Steve Howe, who presides over the "official" Yes with Alan White, Geoff Downes, Billy Sherwood and Jon Davison, now has his say. The last sign of life of his band was the concert recording "Topographic Drama - Live Across America". It was released in November 2017, two months after Yes had to cancel the pending concerts of the "Yestival" tour due to the sudden death of Howe's youngest son. Since then the visionary guitarist had retired. Now he is back in the public eye and gives information about his plans.

eclipsed: Your son Virgil's death was a disaster. Even if it is difficult, how do you cope as a private person and as a musician?