YES - The countdown has started

21. February 2018

Yes Steve Howe

YES - The countdown has started

After reporting on the Yes splinter group under the aegis of Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman in December, Steve Howe, who presides over the "official" Yes with Alan White, Geoff Downes, Billy Sherwood and Jon Davison, now has his say. The last sign of life of his band was the concert recording "Topographic Drama - Live Across America". It was released in November 2017, two months after Yes had to cancel the pending concerts of the "Yestival" tour due to the sudden death of Howe's youngest son. Since then the visionary guitarist had retired. Now he is back in the public eye and gives information about his plans.

eclipsed: Your son Virgil's death was a disaster. Even if it is difficult, how do you cope as a private person and as a musician?

Steve Howe: Of course it's a tough fight. My family and I see this as a long period of suffering and at the same time want to value in the long run what Virgil has done and achieved. That's what makes mourning so hard, precisely because he was so clever, lovable and fantastic. And of course all this has an effect somewhere on making music and you can only hope that you find your way back to your inner center.

eclipsed: Are you satisfied with the reactions to "Nexus", the album you recorded with Virgil that was released in 2017?

Howe: Oh yes, we got a lot of positive comments and reviews about the musicality and elegance of the record. I hope the album will last.

eclipsed: Is there any unreleased music from both of you?

Howe: Yes, there is still enough material for a second album, very similar in style. You have to see if and when that fits.

eclipsed: Do you have plans for another solo album?

Howe: Some things are close to completion. There could even be two releases this year, a solo album and a Steve Hoeve trio album.

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