With Talk Talks MARK HOLLIS someone died who could not be bent

30. April 2019

Mit Talk Talks MARK HOLLIS starb jemand, der sich nicht verbiegen ließ

At the beginning of the 1980s there were a lot of bands that went through a rapid development within a very short time. Examples are XTC, Prefab Sprout, The The or Julian Cope: artists who don't just deliver nice chart food, wear the latest fashion and are easy to market, but develop their own ideas and rebel in a creative way. If they don't make as much money as their record companies expect from them, they often react with thumbscrews and lawyer's letters - an experience that Mark Hollis, Lee Harris, Paul Webb and their producer and unofficial fourth band member Tim Friese-Greene also have to make at some point.

MARK HOLLIS - The Greta Garbo of Pop

21. February 2018

MARK HOLLIS - The Greta Garbo of Pop

The history of the band Talk Talk, which is above all the history of Mark Hollis, reflects one of the most unusual developments in rock music. Started in the early eighties as a synth-pop act in the spirit of the New Romantics, the first album "The Party's Over" was still a child of its time. The following "It's My Life" was a huge success in Germany; the single "Such A Shame" climbed to second place in the charts. The songs were catchy, but at the same time strange, different. There was the disturbing elephant trumpet at the beginning of "Such A Shame" or the unorthodox - sometimes mumbling, sometimes hysterical - singing of Mark Hollis. What kind of band was that?

Space for the avant-garde

eclipsed No. 141 / 6-2012

12. April 2014

The band for all occasions

Genesis is familiar to anyone who owns a radio. So in the end every rock fan has an opinion about the multifaceted formation. Of course not everyone a good one. If Progressive Rock, whose figurehead the band was in its most exciting phase, is not everyone's cup of tea, rock lovers generally agree on the negative assessment of the British pop phase. But the truth is: Genesis are magicians, their music is still enchanting today. eclipsed lets himself fall into the comforting sounds of his old group together with Steve Hackett and presents a shopping list SPECIAL.