TONBRUKET - Music and Antimusic

12. November 2019

TONBRUKET - Musik und Antimusik

In so-called jazz circles it doesn't happen too often that a band with an unchanged line-up releases six albums over a period of ten years. The Swedish quartet Tonbruket is an exception. On his new album "Masters Of Fog" it's once again about Start. A sound like an icy breeze blowing from the North Polar Circle over to us. An initially straight, then syncopating drum set is added, grounded by a gravitational bass. At the end the star sparkle of a Steel Guitar pedal covers the ambience. Welcome to the world of Tonbruket.

TONBRUKET "Forevergreens"

16. March 2016

Nice gag right at the beginning: Norwegian singer-songwriter Ane Brun announces the band Tonbruket in the 33-second "Intro". This is no coincidence, as the members of the Swedish quartet have been forming Brun's backing band for several years now. As a sound bruket, of course, they act completely differently.

eclipsed No. 132 / 7/8-2011

11. April 2014

Defilee at Lake Geneva

Montreux - these eight letters have an almost sacred sound in the world of music festivals. You don't have to stress that you appeared at the Montreux Jazz Festival. One word is enough: Montreux. In this issue we trace the myth of Montreux: with a special on the history of this cross-genre event series, with an interview with festival founder and director Claude Nobs, and with a DVD featuring highlights from four decades of Montreux.

Part 3 North America/Sceneportrait: Progmetal