BILLY F. GIBBONS - Women, Cars and Politically Incorrect Humor

20. June 2021

BILLY F. GIBBONS - Frauen, Autos und politisch unkorrekter Humor

Actually, there should be a big birthday bash with a new album and world tour for ZZ Top's 50th anniversary. But Corona threw a spanner in the works of Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill and their drummer Frank Beard. Guitarist Gibbons used the unexpected free time to screw around on cars and guitars, to perform wedding ceremonies and to record his third solo album. eclipsed caught him in the US state Nevada.


23. November 2015

Either the end of the world is approaching and everyone still wants to deliver a great performance quickly or a new creativity drug has been invented. How else can it be explained that the Pretty Things, the Zombies, Buddy Guy and now also ZZ-Top-Rauschebart present Billy Gibbon's albums, with which they outshine their respective works of the last 20 years?

BILLY GIBBONS - Interview about the new album "Perfectamundo"

23. November 2015

BILLY GIBBONS - Interview about the new album "Perfectamundo"

eclipsed: What is so special about "Perfectamundo" that you couldn't have done it with ZZ Top?

Billy Gibbons: Everything that ZZ Top have ever produced for me is blues rock, sometimes more modern, sometimes more traditional. "Perfectamundo," on the other hand, is broader. The new album is about percussions, percussions, percussions. That's what I couldn't have done with ZZ Top.

eclipsed: The percussions are already conspicuous, they dominate many a song.

Gibbons: That's absolutely right, because on the album I was only secondarily about the songs. It's a sound album. I wanted to sing some songs in Spanish and so I invited Cuban percussionists who were allowed to drum wildly. Singing songs in Spanish was an exciting experience: First, I don't know Spanish very well, and second, I listened to a lot of South American songs, and they tell stories rather than alternating verse and chorus ...

eclipsed No. 133 / 9-2011

11. April 2014

We're gonna party like it's 1980

You are one of the last outsiders of the golden Prog era. They're a band for eternity. And they have always been a real drama queen when it comes to personnel changes. But nobody could have foreseen that Yes would release a new album in the old "Drama" line-up after a ten-year studio break with singer Benoît David, who had originally jumped in as a temporary replacement. David, Steve Howe, Geoff Downes and Jon Anderson reveal their views on the revolutionary changes in Yes.