Underground Trips April 2017



1. My Sleeping Karma - Mela Ananda - Live
2. Space Debris - Behind The Gates
3. Knall - Raubkatze auf 12 Uhr
4. Stone Machine Electric - Vivere
5. Kalamata - Disruption

1. Sendelica - Mr. Floyd Walker
2. Oresund Space Collective - Easy Teenage Version
3. Lamagaia -  Aurora
4. Grombira - Priest Of The Horny Kon
5. Vintage Cucumber - Heilger Schnecke

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Underground Trips March 2017



1. Sula Bassana - Organ Accumulator + Disappear
2. Hills - Uncollected Sound
3. Re-Stoned - Reptiles Return
4. Secret Saucer - The Reset
5. Vintage Cucumber - Haschisch

1. Megaritual - Temple
2. I, Captain - Mantra
3. 1997EV - drySun Acid
4. Motherdust -  Shadows
5. The Perc - Felsh & Blood Society

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ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE - Danish-American-Swedish Friendship

Oresund Space Collective

The starting point for the establishment of ØSC, however, is Scott Heller, a US American who came to Copenhagen in the late 1990s as a scientist to conduct research on diabetes. Because Heller's passion - besides medical research - is Space Rock. Soon after his arrival on the European continent he joined bands like Mantric Muse and Gas Giant. After leaving the latter, he organised jam sessions for like-minded friends, from which the ØSC eventually emerged. Since then, Scott Heller, who from then on called himself Dr. Space as a musician, has held the collective's fortunes in his hands: He's the doer, the organizer of the band.

With "Visions Of ..." the 23rd ØSC album is now available. A work with which the musicians continue to follow their path unperturbed, which knows only one goal: immersing themselves in the infinite vastness of Space'n'Psych

Underground Trips February 2017



1. Sista Maj - Series of Nested Universes
2. Sendelica - 10th Anniversary Tour 2016
3. Alpha Nord - Live at PsyKA Festival Vol. 3
4. Sounds Of New Soma - La Grande Bellezza
5. Heavy Moon - Heavy Moon 8

1. Surya Kris Peters - Modular Mono Logic
2. Black Moon Circle - The Head
3. Albinö Rhino - Uphold the Light Part 2
4. Elbrus - Far Away and Into Space
5. Volvopenta - Wolfskull

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Underground Top Albums 2016


The Spacelords - Liquid Sun

Cranium Pie - The Mechanisms Tapes

Kungens Män - Förnekaren

Underground Trips December 2016



1. 3rd Ear Experience - Stones Of A Feather
2. Sun Dial - Made In The Machine
3. Stone Machine Electric - Sollicitus
4. Magic Mustard - M2
5. Astral Sun - Mind's Eye

1. Øresund Space Collective - Give your Brain a rest...
2. Zen Trip - Zen Trip Jam
3. Pyrior - Winter is coming
4. Pub Cerenkov - Kolbenfresser
5. Vespero - The Course of Abagaz

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Musical mountain guides - SHERPA take the listener by the hand and want to help to new insights


eclipsed: How long has Sherpa existed?

Matteo Dossena: Our project basically started in 2003, when we were very young, and I have been writing songs since I was eight. In the last two years we have concentrated on the Sherpa project. "Tanzlinde" is the result of these last two years of songwriting and experimentation, but also of thirteen years of evolution.

eclipsed: What were your musical role models and inspirations?

Dossena: We grew up in the nineties, so we mostly heard grunge, Britpop and post-rock. And of course we broadened our musical horizon. On this album I think the main influences come from Robert Wyatt, Alexander Tucker, Date Palms, Velvet Underground, Syd Barrett and "Revolver" from the Beatles. But that's just our opinion, everyone can have a different perception.

eclipsed: What does the band name Sherpa mean?

After a coffee break ASTEROID is back in full swing again


eclipsed: In 2013, you put the asteroid on ice. Why?

Robin Hirse: It was just time for a break. We had played together for a long time and were overtired. When we decided to take a break, we didn't know how long it would last. We didn't even know if we'd even start again. All we knew was that we needed time to breathe.

eclipsed: And how did you find your way back into the trail? What new motivation did you have?

Millet: It has taken some time for the motivation to return. At some point I invited the others for coffee, and we started a little jam session. That became two or three sessions and we noticed that there is still music that we can make as an asteroid. Unfortunately our drummer Elvis Campbell left us after the recordings for the new album. But with Jimmi Kohlscheen we have found a replacement.