ASTARTA / EDWIN - Unusual Liaison with two Ukrainian Ladies

Colin Edwin , Astarta , Porcupine Tree

Even before Porcupine Tree were on ice, bassist Colin Edwin had some musical projects on the side. But since the band has changed into its inactive phase, i.e. since 2010, the activities of the Australian are also increasing. He's as good a bandleader as Steven Wilson: With the bands Random Noise Generator, Metallic Taste Of Blood and O.R.k. he dedicates himself to modern visions of progressive metal. At the Ex-Wise Heads he tries his hand at North African folklore. As Endless Tapes or Burnt Belief and in joint albums with the guitarists Jon Durant or Lorenzo Feliciato he plays an ambient mixture of unobtrusive art rock and equally unobtrusive jazz. Not to mention his solo albums.

SHAMALL - Musical history lessons against a meditative backdrop


SHAMALL has delivered with the 5 CD box "History Book" an impressive show of their work; three decades are a lot of wood, also in the music industry. Norbert Krüler alias Shamall has long since created his own "feel-good zone" between prog, space rock and electronics. "History Book" offers a rich overview of his work. From a total of 13 albums from the period between 1989 and 2009, he has selected.

eclipsed: With the 5 CD box "History Book" you have delivered an impressive work exhibition. How did this project come about - why this comprehensive retrospective now, what was the occasion?

Norbert Krüler: The reason was of course Shamall's 30th anniversary. So a fitting occasion for a musical review "from the beginning to now".

eclipsed: How did you approach this project? How did you select the songs and distribute them over the CDs?

Sleepwalker? No, I'm good. - VIBRAVOID want to shake awake with their new album

Vibravoid , Underground

eclipsed: What do you mean by the programmatic title "Wake Up Before You Die"?

Doctor: As the title suggests, you have to wake up before you die. There's a life before death. Many people don't seem to know that yet, because they are in a kind of sleep state: social, political and spiritual. How bad is our existence supposed to get? Do we need more terror? More exploitation? More environmental degradation? We think all this bullshit is enough!

eclipsed: Have your numerous live, retrospective and remaster activities stopped you?

Doctor: Well, somehow I do. But above all the long pressing times today for vinyl. At just under six months, everything takes longer somehow. But vinyl is still extremely important to us, so we simply accept these times.

eclipsed: How are new pieces created? How do you inspire each other?

Underground Tips November 2016

Underground , Lamp Of The Universe , Cosmic Ground , Wight , The Spacelords , The Kings Of Frog Island


1. Lamp of the Universe - Hidden Knowledge
2. Cosmic Ground - Cosmic Ground III
3. Wight - Love Is Not Only What You Know
4. Weites Luftmeer - Siebenunddreißig...
5. Pottwal - Double Space

1. The Spacelords - NagKanya
2. Goldkante - It´s Your Journey
3. Third Whale - Take It Out
4. The Kings of Frog Island - Long Live The King
5. Grub - The Kraken

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Underground Tips October 2016



1. Vibravoid - Wake Up Before You Die
2. Space Invaders - Ayakashi
3. Cosmic Fall - First Fall
4. Ziguri - onetwothreefour
5. Autumn of PÆKWARD - Cern

1. Sendelica - 12 Shades
2. Minus Green - Durial
3. Lizardmen - The Cannibal
4. Dazed Sun Lemonade - Mama Was High (Live)
5. Jenks Miller & Rose Cross NC - Scrying in Water

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Underground Tips September 2016

Kaleidobolt , Da Captain Trips , Sendelica , Electric Orange , Acid Mothers Temple , Underground

Top albums

1. It's Not Night It's Space - Our Birth...
2. Da Captain Trips - Live at At least
3rd Henryspenncer - Hypnosis Gumbo
4th Kaleidobolt - The Zenith Cracks
5th West, Space and Love - II
Top tracks

1. Sendelica - The Cromlech Suite
2nd Electric Orange - Misophonia I-III
3rd Ethereal Riffian - I Am Deathless
4th Acid Mothers Temple - Nebulous Hyper Meditation
5th Zerynthia - Tertius

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Underground Tips July 2016

Underground , Tuber , Oresund Space Collective , Megaritual , Green Yeti , The Infinite Trip

Top albums

1. Tuber - Live At Freak Valley
2nd Dasputnik - Psykhi
Explosion 3rd Green Yeti - The Yeti Has Landed
4th The Infinite Trip - Stone Freakin' Hippy
5th Cambrian Explosion - The Moon EP
Top tracks

1. Dreamweapon - From The Side Of Man...
2. Merlin - Tales Of The Wasteland
3rd Oresund Space Collective - Ode To A Black Hole
4th Megaritual - Eclipse
5th Blown Out - Celestial Sphere

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Underground Tips June 2016

Underground , Lord Montague , The Resonance Association , Heron Oblivion , King Buffalo , Snowy Dunes , Indica

Top albums

1. Lord Montague - The Cave
2. Les Tigres du Futur - Illusions Sonores Vol. 2
3. King Buffalo - Orion
4. Lasse Reinstroem - Maza Wakan
5. The Resonance Association - Return From...
Top tracks

1. Heron Oblivion - Funeral Funk 49
2. Indica - Slow Burner
3. Space Slavery - Space Vision
4. Snowy Dunes - Atlantis, part I
5. Heavy Cosmic Kinetic - Hypercosmonautica

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