Trackpremiere: MR. BISON "Holy Oak"

27. April 2018

Mr. Bison Trackpremiere

Videopremiere: MR. BISON "Holy Oak"

Die Classic/Stoner Rocker von MR. BISON veröffentlichen am 25.5. ihr neues Album "Holy Oak". Fans von Captain Beyond oder Motorpsycho können hier aufhorchen!

Die Band zum Video:

Holy Oak, the song we have chosen for the video is the perfect synthesis of the entire album, it combines powerful riffs which have always been our trademark to a more psychedelic aspect, which is the true novelty of our last job. For the video we turned to Simone Addis, who in his last works impressed us with the use of graphic effects such as Parallax, a defect of perspective, and Puppet for the animation of photos! The video shows the power and sacredness of nature, which finds its first principle in the oak tree, anthropomorphized and understood as a protective divinity.