December 2020

The neoprog pioneers SOLSTICE dare once again a comeback in a new guise

1. December 2020


Die Neoprog-Pioniere SOLSTICE wagen einmal mehr ein Comeback im neuen Gewand

Solstice belonged to the pioneers of the neoprog scene in the 80s, but unlike their comrades-in-arms IQ, Marillion or Pendragon, they had the status of an insider tip for a long time, even though they released a new album every now and then during the last 40 years. Now they have landed on the IQ label GEP. Andy Glass, the only constant member, welcomes us for a chat in the virtual chatroom ..

eclipsed: Why don't you take us back to the time when it all started with Solstice. You belonged to the pioneers of the neo-prog scene ..


The US band PUSCIFER sends their songs through the particle accelerator

Die US-Band PUSCIFER schickt ihre Songs durch den Teilchenbeschleuniger

Puscifer, you can read everywhere, is a side project of Tool. But hasn't it long since been the other way around? Although the distances between Puscifer albums are getting wider, Maynard James Keenan and Co. give an eloquent testimony of continuity on the new CD "Existential Reckoning".

eclipsed: Your new album sounds like a 3D universe in space and time. How did it come about?


Instead of staring at their own four walls, KADAVAR prefer to escape into space

1. December 2020


Anstatt die eigenen vier Wände anzustarren, entfliehen KADAVAR lieber in spacige Weiten

Travel bans, concert cancellations - the Corona crisis caught many bands and organisers by surprise. Even the Berlin stoner rockers can tell you a thing or two about it, because they would have actually been on a world tour in spring. Guitarist and singer Christoph "Lupus" Lindemann explains how the experiences of the lockdown resulted in an unplanned album with unusually calm tones

eclipsed: Can your new album "The Isolation Tapes" be seen as a kind of sound document of your forced break?


COMMUNIC do not at all turn away from the world on the album "Hiding From The World

1. December 2020


COMMUNIC geben sich auf dem Album „Hiding From The World“ ganz und gar nicht weltabgewandt

It seems downright idyllic when Oddleif Stensland describes where he is at the moment: at home in the countryside, barely an hour away from the Norwegian city of Kristiansand. There where the children can play outside and go into the forest. Somewhat less idyllic, on the other hand, is the music of his band Communic, who continue to be active in the field of grey-coloured progressive metal with their sixth album "Hiding From The World".

eclipsed: Oddleif, what happened to you in the last years?


On DARWIN, Simon Phillips shines as a drummer and Produzent

1. December 2020


Bei DARWIN glänzt Simon Phillips als Drummer und Produzent

One is a star, the other a virtually blank sheet. Nevertheless Simon Phillips and DarWin found each other. With "DarWin 2: A Frozen War" they released their second album. An unusual partnership. But what quickly becomes clear during the interview: Here two musicians meet at eye level.

eclipsed: Darwin, very little is known about you. We know that you come from Iceland and name the Beatles and Dream Theater as influences. Why are you making such a secret about your person?