January 2021

German duo TAUMEL debuts with Dark Jazz

29. January 2021


Das deutsche Duo TAUMEL debütiert mit Dark Jazz

Sven Pollkötter and Jakob Diehl are Taumel. Both are studied musicians (percussion, composition). Pollkötter plays drums in large orchestras for operas. Diehl composes radio plays and is a successful actor (for example in the Netflix series "Dark"). With Taumel they are now going down the same musical path and present their debut with "There Is No Time To Run Away From Here". An album that presents minimal jazz, eerie, dark, slow, atmospheric, in the tradition of artists like Bohren & Der Club Of Gore or The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble.


RING VAN MÖBIUS revive retroprog to new life

22. January 2021

Ring Van Möbius

RING VAN MÖBIUS erwecken den Retroprog zu neuem Leben

With their second album "The 3rd Majesty" the Norwegian group Ring Van Möbius strikes a big blow, because such inspired retroprog in trio format (without guitar, but with many vintage keyboards) is rarely offered. So it's no surprise that this record, overflowing with playfulness, was named "Album of the Month" in our December 2020 issue. Thor Erik Helgesen, singer and keyboardist of the lively troupe, is accordingly delighted and chats at length about the band's history and the making of the album


The shoegazing indie rockers THE BESNARD LAKES conjure up the Thunderstorm

21. January 2021

The Besnard Lakes

Die shoegazenden Indie-Rocker THE BESNARD LAKES beschwören den Thunderstorm

A not exactly easy topic is tackled by the band from Montreal with usual, if not even increased opulence. "The Besnard Lakes Are The Last Of The Great Thunderstorm Warnings" is about nothing more painful than death ... and yet ultimately about life. Laid out in four parts, husband and wife duo Olga Goreas and Jace Lasek created a concept in the format of a double album, which in all its glory is surely the Besnard Lakes' opus magnum

eclipsed: The Besnard Lakes have "gone through death," according to the info. What exactly happened here?


Despite the retirement of Steven Wilson, everything is the same with BLACKFIELD

21. January 2021

Blackfield Aviv Geffen

Trotz des Rückzugs von Steven Wilson ist bei BLACKFIELD alles beim Alten

The sixth Blackfield album "For The Music" was created under the auspices of Aviv Geffen. In the eclipsed interview the Israeli superstar gives an insight into his soul life and never tires of talking about politics.

eclipsed: Now that Steven Wilson has further retired from Blackfield, you are solely responsible for the compositions, lyrics and production. Was that difficult for you?


With MEER, complexity prevails both in terms of the name and the music

21. January 2021


Bei MEER herrscht sowohl bezüglich des Namens als auch der Musik Komplexität vor

Is it a band? An orchestra? A collective? MEER are not easy to categorize. Started as a duo, there are now eight musicians in the ranks of the troupe hailing from Hamar, Norway. "We used to play together as 'Ted Glen Extended'. Apart from the fact that the name is completely nonsensical, no one could remember it either", Eivind Strømstad tells. The guitarist and his wife Johanne (vocals) are the founders, later Johannes' brother Knut (vocals), his piano teacher Ole (keyboards), school friends Mats (drums) and Åsa (violin) as well as Ingvild (viola) and Morten (bass) joined the band.


RAIN surprise as a small prog supergroup with a very special mix

21. January 2021


RAIN überraschen als kleine Prog-Supergroup mit ganz speziellem Mix

John Jowitt is best known from IQ, with whom he vibrated the bass strings for two decades (1991-2011). During their time together he was able to build up a solid rhythm foundation with drummer Andy Edwards, which the two of them took over with Frost*. The musical threads then merged with ELO veteran Bev Bevan in the band Quill, so it wasn't a long way to Rob Groucutt - son of the late ELO bassist Kelly Groucutt - who is a singer and multi-instrumentalist in his own right.