December 2020

STEVEN WILSON - A new challenge

15. December 2020

Steven Wilson

STEVEN WILSON - Eine neue Herausforderung

He'll do it again: Steven Wilson will reinvent himself again and present his listeners with new tasks. "The Future Bites", the title of the upcoming album, sounds at first clearly more electronic than all his works before. But things are not that simple. It's not electronic music. When asked what his listeners can expect, the Englishman answers comprehensively: "It's certainly a challenge. It's a conceptual and experimental work. If you look at my last albums, they're a tribute to the past. 'Raven' was a tribute to the progressive era of the 70s. 'Hand. Cannot.


AC/DC "We're a band that still makes rock music for teenagers"

15. December 2020


AC/DC „Wir sind eine Band, die immer noch Rockmusik für Teenager macht“

They are really under power again: "I feel great with the new album," says AC/DC guitarist and band leader Angus Young about "Power Up", a late work of the Australian rock legend hardly thought possible in this brilliance by most. "We all really enjoyed recording it immensely. From the beginning, our goal with this band was to make music that exuded a lot of energy and passion.


LUNATIC SOUL - Life, Death and Rebirth

15. December 2020

Lunatic Soul Riverside

LUNATIC SOUL - Leben, Tod und Wiedergeburt

With "Through Shaded Woods", the new work of his solo project, Riverside singer Mariusz Duda has managed a big surprise. On the last two Lunatic Soul albums he indulged in strongly electronic sounds, but now he comes up with extremely convincing sounds that evoke thoughts of a medieval forest hike: almost classical folk rock, mixed with elements of Scandinavian folk music and pagan metal borrowings.


STEVIE NICKS - A canvas-ready rock 'n' roll life

15. December 2020

Stevie Nicks Fleetwood Mac

STEVIE NICKS - Ein leinwandreifes Rock-’n’-Roll-Leben

In the film "24 Carat Gold - The Concert", filmed on two evenings in 2017, Stevie Nicks spreads out her eventful life before the audience: Not only did she become the frontwoman of Fleetwood Mac, she also managed a highly successful solo career. Blessed with a unique smoky voice, the power woman in the Bohemian-Gypsy look enchants not only a generation of rock fans to this day. But where there is light, there is also shadow - be it drug problems, bereavement, relationship dramas or an abortion

Excess and emancipation


MARK KELLY'S MARATHON - "It's not a keyboard album, it's a real band album"

14. December 2020

Mark Kelly's Marathon Marillion

MARK KELLY’S MARATHON - „Es ist kein Keyboard-, sondern ein echtes Bandalbum“

What a surprise for Marillion fans: At the band's "Couch Convention" in October, keyboardist Mark Kelly presented his new side-project Marathon - with the video for the single "Amelia", which was recorded at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios. Indeed, the voice of singer Oliver M. Smith brings back pleasant memories of the former Genesis frontman. What's behind MARK KELLY'S MARATHON and the mysterious crashed plane on the cover of the debut album of the same name?


ELVIS COSTELLO - Spontaneity meets eclecticism

14. December 2020

Elvis Costello

ELVIS COSTELLO - Spontaneität trifft Eklektizismus

Declan Patrick MacManus alias Elvis Costello is not only 24 years ahead of his legendary namesake - with his new album "Hey Clockface" he proves once again that he is not only the "King of Rock 'n' Roll", but also the Elvis who can lay claim to the title "King of musical diversity". But in the end he has much more in common with the smart Buddy Holly than with the man from Memphis.


PAUL McCARTNEY - "McCartney III" - The rediscovery of intimacy

14. December 2020

Paul McCartney The Beatles

PAUL McCARTNEY - „McCartney III“ – Die Wiederentdeckung der Intimität

The consequences of the pandemic are unpredictable: Who would have thought that forty years after "McCartney II", Paul McCartney would still be recording a third part of his do-it-yourself album series? "When I'm locked up alone in my studio," the 78-year-old ex-beatle thought during the lockdown in spring, "I might as well make a little music.. On the occasion of the release of "McCartney III" on 11 December, eclipsed will shed light on the story behind an unconventional album trilogy.


JOHN LENNON - Comeback with a sudden end

14. December 2020

John Lennon The Beatles

JOHN LENNON - Comeback mit jähem Ende

John Lennon would have celebrated his 80th birthday on October 9th, if he had not been torn out of life in a dramatic way almost exactly 40 years ago, on December 8th, 1980. Shortly before that, on 17 November, he had released "Double Fantasy" with Yoko Ono, his last album in his lifetime, which was to be the beginning of a major comeback after a five-year retreat into private life. eclipsed sets out on a search for clues in the fateful year 1980.


The HENRIK FREISCHLADER BAND searches for missing parts in the field of tension between Blues, Funk, Soul and Rock

Die HENRIK FREISCHLADER BAND sucht nach fehlenden Teilen im Spannungsfeld von Blues, Funk, Soul und Rock

The Wuppertal multi-instrumentalist Henrik Freischlader, who is primarily perceived as a guitarist and singer, loves the musical change of perspective: sometimes melodic pop-rock with an open visor and no blinkers ("Still Frame Replay", 2011), sometimes the big band version ("Who 33", 2017); but also as a trio ("Openness", 2016) or with Gary Moore glasses ("Blues For Gary", 2017) as a tribute to the musician who always inspired Freischlader and brought him closer to the blues.


NOISOLUTION - Quality pays off

1. December 2020

Noisolution Labelportrait

NOISOLUTION - Qualität zahlt sich aus

Firewater, Scumbucket, Mother Tongue, Rotor, Coogans Bluff, Daily Thompson, The Flying Eyes, Jud ... What looks like the "Who's who" of alternative rock is actually part of the label Roster of Noisolution, a music label that was founded exactly 25 years ago. So it's time for a laudatory speech, because there are not so many record companies anymore, which have made such an outstanding contribution to alternative rock music in recent years as Noisolution.