Music From Time And Space Vol. 59

SUBSIGNAL - A Time Out Of Joint (6:36)
Album: The Beacons Of Somewhere Sometime (2015)
Label/Distribution: Golden Core/ZYX

Emerging from Sieges Even in 2007, SUBSIGNAL takes several rungs of the success ladder with each album. With the fourth work, the band presents itself as a master of contrasts. Elegant classical passages collide congenially with massive metal riffing and exquisite melodic prog meets spherical folk. (Review: eclipsed 11/2015)

MYSTERY - The Last Glass Of Wine (6:46)
Album: Delusion Rain (2015)
Label/Distribution: Unicorn Digital/Just For Kicks

The Melodic-Progger Mystery come from Quebec, Canada. After the departure of Benoît David, the vocal chords of the new singer Jean Pageau dock stronger with Styx. A disc that is virtuoso, epic and witty at the same time. Beautifully designed melodies. Kansas meets Styx with outstanding guitars.

WOLVESPIRIT - Dreamer (4:39)
Album: Dreamer (EP) (2015)
Label/Distribution: Spirit Stone/Cargo

Currently the Würzburg Hard-/Classic Rockers are on tour with one of their idols, Uriah Heep. Even though the present EP with three tracks can only shorten the waiting time to a new regular studio work, the songs animated by Drive and Hooklines serve as wonderful boosters on the current tour. (Review: eclipsed 11/2015)

BARON - Sleepless (6:58)
Album: Torpor (2015)
Label/Distribution: Svart/Cargo

The Brits BARON stand for psychedelic rock, enriched with progressive elements, which immediately fascinates the listener. "Torpor" is a journey into a world of floating sounds, the songwriting is characterized by deep melancholy and the arrangements mix the 70s with today.

TOXIC SMILE - Farewell (edit) (11:05)
Album: Farewell (2015)
Label/Distribution: Progressive Promotion

Who relies only on his eyes and not also on his ears, his life is not really fulfilled. This is the basic tenor of the "Farewell" album of the German Progger TOXIC SMILE, which is intended as a musical antidote to the flood of images of today. He who has ears to hear, hear!

PUBLIC ANIMAL - Wicked Ways (7:29)
Album: Habitat Animal (2015)
Label/Distribution: Elektrohasch/Sonic Rendevous

If Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple had ever done something together and stealthily sent a singer forward to conceal this fact, it could have sounded that way. A real Seventies board, what this energetic quartet from Canada has delivered in a style that is still modern. Hats off! (Review: eclipsed 09/2015)

DEAD GUITARS - Happy Sad (4:11)
Album: Shelter (2015)
Label/Distributor: Sireena/Broken Silence

80s black melancholy in the best Cure and Church sense can be discovered on the fourth album of the multinational quintet. Four of the musicians were once on Twelve Drummers Drumming, some of whom took a similar direction. But more indie and less commerce seems to be the motto here.

WIDE SCOPE - Shouting In The Desert (7:38)
Album: New Way Of Krautrock, Vol.2 (Comp.) (2015)
Label/Distribution: Tonzonen/Clear Spot

WIDE SCOPE was active during the 1990s and 2000s. Her head Wolfgang Barthel was previously a pioneer of the world music wave. No wonder Wide Scope combine hypnotic oriental sounds with powerful rock. Only one facet of this compilation of the local Kraut-/Space-/Psych-Undergrounds.

JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES - Crossroad Lightning (8:14)
Album: Second Psychedelic Coming: The Aquarius Tapes (2015)
Label/Distribution: Svart/Cargo

Dark, psychedelic rock with a touch of occultism: the Finnish band captivates on their second album with incredibly engaging, hypnotic songs. "Crossroad Lightning" is a perfect introduction to her world, as it depicts numerous facets of her art on more than eight minutes.

SYRINX CALL (FEATURING ISGAARD) - The Place Where We Will Meet (An Homage To...) (6:44)
Album: Wind In The Woods (2015)
Label/Distribution: Art Of Music/Flat Earth/Timezone

Flutist Volker Kuinke is known from productions of Eloy, Mind Over Matter and Isgaard. With his recorder he travels through folkloristic, medieval, ambient and art rock worlds. The music works like a wellness bath for stressed souls. Sometimes it also reminds of certain shorter pieces by Mike Oldfield or...?.