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28. June 2022

Colin Edwin , Porcupine Tree

COLIN EDWIN - Der lachende Vierte

Former Porcupine Tree bassist COLIN EDWIN has been involved in various other projects for 25 years. For many Porcupine Tree fans, Colin Edwin was always the smiling man in the background, providing tasteful bass lines and being an indispensable part of the band. On the occasion of the reunion of his ex-colleagues, we would like to take the opportunity to draw attention to the many side projects in which the native Australian was or is involved. On top of that, the 51-year-old also told us what he thinks of the comeback of his three former comrades-in-arms

eclipsed: Twenty-five years ago you started playing in other bands apart from Porcupine Tree. The first was Ex-Wise Heads, which you formed with multi-instrumentalist Geoff Leigh, who was once a member of Henry Cow. How did that come about?

28. June 2022


BREIDABLIK erschaffen ihre eigene norwegische Richtung elektronischer Musik

One knows the Berlin School with its representatives Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze & Co., who with their hypnotic style significantly defined electronic music in the seventies. Breidablik have now released "Alduorka", an album that ascribes itself to the Bergen School of Electronic Music. A Norwegian counterpart to the famous Berlin School? Mastermind and keyboardist Morten "Klangmajor" Birkeland Nielsen provides clarity.

eclipsed: How did that start with Breidablik?

Morten Birkeland Nielsen: Breidablik started in 2012 as a one-man project of mine. The debut album "Vinter" was released on cassette in 2017. This led to a contract with Pancromatic Records and three LP releases on the label: "Penumbra" (2017), "Nhoohr" (2019) and "Omicron" (2020). Håkon Oftung joined the band for "Omicron." Meanwhile, we are signed to Apollon Records, which released "Alduorka" in 2022. The line-up was expanded with drummer Trond Gjellum.

28. June 2022

Sounds Of New Soma

SOUNDS OF NEW SOMA - Der Fluch der Akribik

On ten albums so far, Sounds Of New Soma have repeatedly pursued new approaches to give Krautrock a modern shape suitable for the 21st century. With "Musique Bizarre" they are once again breaking new ground.

in 2013 Alexander Djelassi and Dirk Raupach joined forces in Krefeld to form the duo Sounds Of New Soma. Already in 2014 the debut album "Beyond The Acid Dream" was released. With the Tonzonen label founded by Dirk Raupach in 2012, the most suitable release platform was immediately available. The list of bands signed to Tonzonen grew steadily, as did Sounds Of New Soma's back catalog. Now - Djelassi and Raupach thought - it was time for an even closer collaboration. "Musique Bizarre," Sounds Of New Soma's eleventh album, begins quite idyllically with ocean waves and seagull cries. But what follows, the two explain in the eclipsed interview.

eclipsed: So you were at the sea. How wasʼs it? Did it inspire you?

28. June 2022

Ben Craven

BEN CRAVEN erschafft Prog-Epen im Breitwandformat

There are not so many singing multi-instrumentalists who have recorded entire albums without other musicians - Paul McCartney, Phil Collins, Prince and Mike Oldfield are certainly the best-known representatives of this species. The Australian Ben Craven, who has just released his third album "Monsters From The Id", also belongs to this illustrious group, because the studied electrical engineer from Brisbane is not only a good singer, but also impresses on various instruments, whereby his highly melodic guitar solos sometimes remind one of Steve Hackett.

In the eclipsed interview, Craven not only talks about his difficult path to becoming a "one-man-band", but also about his manifold influences and the Australian prog scene. Even Sigmund Freud's "structural model of the psyche" comes up

10. December 2021


ELBOW - Die heilende Kraft der Musik

Conventions change with the times. This is especially true for music: before the Corona crisis, the motto "the more insignificant, the more compatible with the masses" seemed to have prevailed. 18 months later, most songwriters have piled up so much that they now want to make themselves heard with content. In doing so, two camps can be distinguished: Some need to shake off the lethargy of stagnation first, while others embrace the new post-Covid lifestyle - not least in the quiet fear that it might be short-lived. Among the latter is the band Elbow. Their new album, Flight Dream 1, is a passionate declaration of the beauty of life

The new normal

10. December 2021

Sting , The Police

STING - Einer für alles

He's not a rock-animal and doesn't fit into any other pigeonhole either. Even more: Gordon Sumner aka Sting does everything to remain unpredictable. This includes musicals, reggae albums, duets, Vegas engagements and endless tours, but also entertaining statements on various topics. To mark the release of his 15th studio album, "The Bridge," we caught up with the former chief cop. Here's Sting on ..

"I feel great. Seriously, I enjoy my age and would never hide it. Plus, I'm fit, which is helpful. Singing keeps me in shape. It keeps my mind young. At the same time, I enjoy the fact that I'm a little wiser than I used to be."

"I haven't run in years, but I swim every day. Running is bad for the body - for the joints. I see people running who should be in the hospital. All I can say is, 'Stop it!'"

10. December 2021

Popol Vuh

POPOL VUH - Ein ewig suchender Visionär

After five groundbreaking albums by the Krautrock project Popol Vuh around the spiritual visionary Florian Fricke were re-released two years ago in the LP boxset "Vol. 1: The Essential Collection", a second one now follows with "Vol. 2: Acoustic & Ambient Spheres", which contains four more works by the music collective: two soundtracks for films by Werner Herzog ("Herz aus Glas" and "Cobra Verde"), plus the classic "Seligpreisung" as well as the lesser-known album "Agape - Agape". Reason enough for eclipsed to take a closer look at the phenomenon Popol Vuh: What makes Florian Fricke's music so unique?

10. December 2021

Robert Reed

ROBERT REED - Ein Musiker mit 1000 Gesichtern

Rob Reed is one of the most versatile and prolific progressive sound tinkerers of our time. He recently released the album "The Ringmaster: Part One", which follows his Mike Oldfield bows, which he has been releasing since 2014 under the project title "Sanctuary". However, he is best known to the prog community as the founder of the neo-prog band Magenta, whose debut "Revolutions" was released in 2001. Other projects include Cyan, Chimpan A and Kompendium. How does this man do it?

This year, multi-instrumentalist Rob Reed commemorated his musical beginnings with the band project Cyan with a new recording of the debut album "For King And Country" from 1993. With Chimpan A (two albums since 2006) and his homage to the electronic pioneers of the 70s "Cursus 123 430" (2020), he also mixed in the electronic cosmos. The project Kompendium (2012/13), in turn, involved stars of the prog rock scene such as Steve Hackett, Jakko Jakszyk and Mel Collins.