YES - In search of the 'holy sound grail'

05. October 2021

YES - Auf der Suche nach dem ›heiligen Klanggral‹

Yes, founded in 1968, are one of the longest serving bands in progressive rock, alongside King Crimson and Van der Graaf Generator. It is all the more astonishing that they are not only nostalgically wallowing in old successes, but with "The Quest" after seven years once again have a new work at the start. Together with the current main protagonists Steve Howe and Geoff Downes as well as other musicians from the classic band line-up, we not only discuss the new album, but also take an intensive look back: Exactly fifty years ago, the two albums of 1971 established Yes' progressive pioneering role at the time. We take an in-depth look at "The Yes Album" and "Fragile" and talked about the "Fragile" artwork with Roger Dean, whose cover art became an important identifying feature of the band. Of course, the question about the currently on ice formation Yes featuring Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman (Yes feat. ARW) and a possible reunion of both groups was not left out.

JON ANDERSON has completed his all-star project "1000 Hands" after three decades

04. September 2020

JON ANDERSON hat nach drei Jahrzehnten sein Allstar-Projekt „1000 Hands“ fertiggestellt

Again and again lost albums haunt the annals of rock history, many of them unheard to this day (such as "Black Gold" by Jimi Hendrix). Some of them were only released in parts or new versions (famous examples: "Smile" by the Beach Boys, Pink Floyd's "Household Objects" or "Lifehouse" by The Who). Some of these mythical records, however, still see the light of day many decades later. So Neil Young unleashed "Hitchhiker" and "Homegrown" on the world after over 40 years. Now the former Yes-singer Jon Anderson is catching up after 30 years, his legendary project "Uzlot" came true. "1000 Hands. Chapter One" shines with an unbelievable number of top musicians from many genres: from jazz cracks like Chick Corea, Billy Cobham and Jean-Luc Ponty to many world music artists and prog musicians like Ian Anderson, Robby Steinhardt and old Yes comrades-in-arms like Steve Howe, Chris Squire and Alan White

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With "The Red Planet" RICK WAKEMAN presents another instrumental prog album

04. September 2020

Mit „The Red Planet“ legt RICK WAKEMAN wieder ein instrumentales Prog-Album vor

Mars has always fascinated people - whether it is the question of life on the fourth planet of our solar system or its possible colonisation. Expeditions to the Red Planet seem to be getting closer, and Rick Wakeman has also caught the Mars fever. So much so that after several albums on which the piano was the focus of attention, the keyboardist has not only found his way back to his prog roots, but has also recorded his probably best solo work in many years. He tells in an interview what made him do this.

STEVE HOWE - Old hippie ideals with new topicality

10. August 2020

STEVE HOWE - Alte Hippie-Ideale mit neuer Aktualität

Yes, the Corona crisis has also thwarted the calculation: Their "Relayer" tour had to be postponed until spring 2021. At least now guitarist Steve Howe shortens the waiting time with his new solo album "Love Is". In the interview he talked about love of the earth as a life principle, Alexander von Humboldt and his pleasure in using his voice in addition to his guitar.

Leaving aside the "Homebrew" series, which is more of a demo, "Time" 2011 was Steve Howe's last solo work so far. In 2017 he recorded "Nexus" with his son Virgil, who died the same year. Both albums consisted of instrumental pieces. On "Love Is", after a long break from singing, he now appears again vocally, whereby he has also invited Yes front man Jon Davison to the harmonic singing session.

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YES - "Yes was always about looking forward musically"

16. April 2020

YES - „Bei Yes ging es immer darum, musikalisch nach vorne zu blicken“

The Yes story remains exciting. In 2020 the Steve Howe faction goes on another album tour, this time with the ambitious 1974 album "Relayer" in the center. In the interview, Steve Howe and Alan White not only spoke in detail about the live performance, but also about plans for a new album, a possible reunion with Jon Anderson and Co. and the future of one of the most enduring bands ever.

RICK WAKEMAN - Odyssey in sound space

01. November 2018

RICK WAKEMAN - Odyssee im Klangraum

If you think of Rick Wakeman, the synthesizer immediately comes to mind. The traces that the famous musician has left in rock history with this electronic powerhouse are too deep. As a sound witch of Yes, but also as a solo artist who has created large-format works for symphony orchestra and choir. Now with "Piano Odyssey" he has once again recorded a quiet album, which shows him on the grand piano.

From Rick Wakemans to the hundred solo recordings, it is above all the early albums "The Six Wives Of Henry VIII", "Journey To The Centre Of The Earth" and "The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table" that have remained in the memories of rock and prog fans. These established him as the intoxication gold angel on the battlements of his synthesizer castles. But the 69-year-old Englishman has also repeatedly focused on the natural sounds of the piano, as in his current recording "Piano Odyssey", a follow-up to the very successful "Piano Portraits" from 2017 in Great Britain. On a Steinway grand piano he intones pieces by Yes, David Bowie, the Beatles and Queen as well as his own compositions.

YES FEATURING ARW - The Career After the Career

27. September 2018

YES FEATURING ARW - Die Karriere nach der Karriere

A first studio product of them is yet to come. But as a live act, the Yes formation around Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman has been convincing all along since 2016. The recording "Live At The Apollo" now documents for the first time the stage qualities of the Yes fission product. It raises the question of the true guardians of the rich heritage of progressive rock pioneers.

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