OMEGA - Concert dates

Hungarian rock legend OMEGA will be coming to Germany for three dates in September 2019.

20.09.2019 Festhalle, Annaberg-Buchholz
21.09.2019 House Leipzig, Leipzig
22.09.2019 Thüringenhalle, Erfurt

"OMEGA" their band history is only a few weeks shorter than that of the Rolling Stones. In July 1962 Jagger, Richards and Co had their first concert in London. On 23.09.1962 Omega will play their first concert at the Budapest University of Technology, which was formed by two student bands in which singer Janos "Mecky" Kobor and keyboarder Laszlo "Laci" Benkö are active. Their prehistory reached back to 1959, so the Hungarians would even be the older rock band. What wouldn't be important 50 years later wouldn't have been a promise from singer and bandleader Janos Kobor: As long as the Rolling Stones play, we'll continue.

In 1970 the band celebrated their international breakthrough with "Gyöngyhajú lány" ("Girl with pearls in her hair"). The song brings festival prizes, national and international awards, becomes Frank Schöbel's biggest hit in the version "Write it to me in the sand" and two and a half decades later still provides the Scorpions with the template for their success "White Dove". The world-famous US hip hop superstar Kayne West recently proved just how much Omega songs are still in vogue today. In his 2013 album "Yeesuz" he worked in the central song of the album New Slaves whole passages of the Omega world hit of the pearl-haired girl. The original vocals of frontman Janos Mecky Kobor can also be heard here.

In 2017 Kobor and Co celebrated the 55th band birthday. This took them to the start of their extensive anniversary tour on 25 March to the central Polish city of Piotrkow Tribunalski, where 30,000 spectators and guests of honour such as Poland's Prime Minister were guests. On this occasion the new album "Once Upon A Time In The East" will be released in a limited edition with cover versions of Poland's biggest star Czeslaw Niemen and guest appearances of "Maschine" Dieter Birr or Brian May.

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