Track premiere: OCEANICA "I'm Not OK With This"

OCEANICA, the progressive rock/metal/ambient solo project of British Ben Harris-Hayes presents a new song including video exclusively via eclipsed.

Ben Harris-Hayes in a very personal message:

"I hope people can identify with the new OCEANICA single "I'm Not OK With This".

This song was written for those who are generally struggling in the current situation, whether it be mental health problems, addiction problems and/or people who are affected by suicide or suicidal thoughts.

We all know the problems with the COVID-19 lockdown, and it has been shown that it only makes some problems worse for people. I myself had my problems during the lockdown, where I made a big mistake when I thought I was worth nothing. That was a mistake and I caused a lot of concern to those who care about me.

I then had to do what I do when I feel lost, which is to write this song to show that it is okay NOT to be okay... and that we can get through this with some understanding and support

So if you need help out there, please talk to someone."

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