On the death of "Rockpalast" inventor PETER RÜCHEL on 20 February

15. April 2019

Zum Tod von „Rockpalast“-Erfinder PETER RÜCHEL am 20. Februar

Peter Rüchel, born 1937, has often quoted from the Neil Young song "Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)" and its acoustic counterpart "My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)" in broadcasts, interviews or privately. It was a heart for him. The Berlin-born journalist and rock fan had so many of them.

Rüchel worked for various broadcasters (SFB, ZDF), but what he had achieved there faded when he recorded rock concerts for WDR together with director Christian Wagner from 1975. The first regular "Rock Night" (with Rory Gallagher, Little Feat and others) took place from 23rd to 24th July 1977 and was broadcast live as a six-hour Eurovision programme. The myth "Rockpalast" was born. Until 1986 these rock nights took place twice a year in the Grugahalle in Essen. This is part of the DNA of every European rock fan born in 1970 and older.

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18. July 2018

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18. July 2018

ROCKPALAST - 40 Years of Rock Night

24. August 2017

ROCKPALAST - 40 Years of Rock Night

Peter Sommer, head of a "two-man editorial team", is a director and fan of the first rock nights. However, his dream job of directing at Rockpalast was occupied by the man of the first hour, Christian Wagner, who had launched Rockpalast together with Peter Rüchel. Sommer took the detour via the WDR jazz editorial office before finally replacing Peter Rüchel, who had retired for reasons of age, in 2003. "Peter did not leave his chair voluntarily and did not make life easy for me as a successor. There was practically no relay handover. I inherited a one-hour show with live music, which we should continue with little to almost no budget. A jump in cold water."


22. August 2017

MR. ROCKPALAST - 40 years ago PETER RÜCHEL wrote television history with the "1st Rock Night"

22. March 2017

MR. ROCKPALAST - 40 years ago PETER RÜCHEL wrote television history with the "1st Rock Night"

The inconspicuous row house under the Bayer Cross resembles a hiding place. And even inside, there is nothing to indicate that someone lives here who has spent his professional life with youth culture and rock music: no framed pictures with friends, no golden records, signed instruments or other devotional objects. Not even Billy shelves with LPs. Instead, Peter Rüchel's study is overloaded with books and magazines. Sorted by a system that only he knows. And he likes to sit in the dark or in the semi-darkness. When eclipsed strikes in the early afternoon with him in Leverkusen, it is still light. When we say goodbye two and a half hours later in pitch-black darkness.

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12. April 2014

Time is on our side: 50 years of Stones in rapid succession

"For most people, the sun, the moon, the stars - and the Rolling Stones - have always existed!" Keith Richards once commented on the longevity of his band. The Rolling Stones haven't been around as long as the sun - but long enough to look back on 50 years of Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll. We do this by looking through the past half century for the most relevant events in the band's history - and summarizing the 50 most important Stones numbers from an eclipsed point of view.

The cult lives!

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11. April 2014

eclipsed at ROCKPALAST
"You never yelled at us!"

The Rockpalast is alive! Even 34 years after the first official programme, the most respected live music programme on German television offers a platform for famous bands and up-and-coming acts alike. The second series of Rockpalast DVDs is currently being released. We took this opportunity to compile our own DVD with "Palast" treasures and to recall the concerts of the artists presented there.

Dream of the "Omma"

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10. April 2014

40 years "In The Court Of The Crimson King"

"In The Court Of The Crimson King" founded Progressive Rock. Although there were already psychedelic experiments and ambitious concepts before 1969, it was only King Crimson who set to work with the will to create great art. It was the first album of the band that had just formed - and the only one in its original line-up.

40 years ago: CAN and AMON DÜÜL II release their debut albums

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10. April 2014

eclipsed at Rockpalast
"Tschörmen tellewischen praudli prisents..."

"Rockpalast" - this name still awakens happy memories of long nights, great parties and extraordinary concerts for rock fans decades later. And the palace still keeps its portal open today. But it was the early "Rockpalast" nights that gave the musical building its historic glory.

100 memorable events in rock history