22. August 2017

Music From Time And Space Vol. 62

21. September 2016

MARILLION - The New Kings (IV): Why Is Nothing Ever True? (3:10)
Album: FEAR - Fuck Everyone And Run (2016)
Label/Distribution: earMUSIC/Edel

Politics and prog united in emotionally stirring, wonderfully arranged longtracks - the new album of the British prog legend has it all. Marillion take a clear stand against the steadily growing, unholy power of capital and wrap their "Protestalbum" (Steve Hogarth) in graceful, experimental, stirring songs.

WOVENHAND "Star Treatment"

15. September 2016

At some point the Apaches stopped taking prisoners... David Eugene Edwards' band Wovenhand has undergone an amazing transformation in the last two and a half decades. Under the name 16 Horsepower in 1992 as a folk band on the retro warpath sent, Edwards' evangelical incantations became more and more penetrating. As a woven hand, the band attracted tempo and volume more and more...

WOVENHAND "Refractory Obdurate"

28. April 2014

You don't need more than two seconds to assign "Refractory Obdurate" to the dark priest soul of David Eugene Edwards and his band Wovenhand. On their last album "The Laughing Stalk" the band has taken a new direction, away from the introverted folk declaration towards hard and solid guitar rock with a strong Apache touch. The new CD continues this path consistently.

eclipsed No. 144 / 10-2012

12. April 2014

albums for eternity

eclipsed No. 122 / 7/8-2010

11. April 2014

eclipsed at ROCKPALAST
"You never yelled at us!"

The Rockpalast is alive! Even 34 years after the first official programme, the most respected live music programme on German television offers a platform for famous bands and up-and-coming acts alike. The second series of Rockpalast DVDs is currently being released. We took this opportunity to compile our own DVD with "Palast" treasures and to recall the concerts of the artists presented there.

Dream of the "Omma"