June 2018

DESERT MOUNTAIN TRIBE - Cheap flight to the new album

26. June 2018

Desert Mountain Tribe

DESERT MOUNTAIN TRIBE - Per Billigflug zum neuen Album

The new album "Om Parvat Mystery" by Desert Mountain Tribe has a curious history. eclipsed talked to Philipp Jahn, the German bass player of the London trio, about the background of the album, which expands the previous mix of styles of the debut "Either That Or The Moon" and now beats TripRock, Independent, New Artrock, Space Rock, Ethno, Industrial and Shoegaze.

eclipsed: Where does this great variety come from on "Om Parvat Mystery"?


THE BEATLES - The White Album

18. June 2018

The Beatles

THE BEATLES - Das Weiße Album

1968 was a year of upheaval. Even in the camp of the most famous band of all: When the Beatles started working on the "Sgt. Pepper" successor in spring, hardly anything was the same - especially not this: John, Paul, George & Ringo were no gang anymore, but four grown young men. A fact that "The Beatles" shouldn't harm, though. In the following we look at the conditions, essence and consequences of the record that became famous under the unofficial title "White Album".


SPOCK'S BEARD - The long run to yourself

18. June 2018

Spock´s Beard

SPOCK’S BEARD - Der lange Lauf zu sich selbst

Promotion is a necessary evil for musicians. For the interview with eclipsed Spock's Bears bassist Dave Meros even interrupts his afternoon walk. On May 25th the Californians release their 13th studio album "Noise Floor" plus an EP with four more songs. Meros explains why he thinks this is a good idea, reflects on how Spock's Beard have developed over the 26 years of their existence, and explains whether and how things will continue with old and new drummer Nick D'Virgilio.


BRIAN ENO - The maker of pop culture

18. June 2018

Brian Eno Roxy Music

BRIAN ENO - Der Macher der Popkultur

Founding member of Roxy Music, producer of Bowie, U2 and Talking Heads, inventor of Ambient, creator of elaborate multimedia installations and restless spirit in sound innovation: Brian Eno is the creator of pop culture. The man who renews them and drives them forward. The shyness of publicity is, hardly gives interviews and has just celebrated his seventieth birthday - or not, as he reveals when meeting with eclipsed.


Track premiere: EYEVORY "Inphantasia"

15. June 2018

Trackpremiere Eyevory

Trackpremiere: EYEVORY "Inphantasia"

On their current album "Inphantasia" the prog rockers take EYEVORY their listeners on a journey back to childhood. In the title track of the same name the adventure begins and invites you to dream. The video recordings were stored in a dusty drawer for over a year because the ideas for a second level of mini-film had not yet matured. But true to the motto "What lasts a long time is finally good", these have been found in the meantime and implemented with great attention to detail...


KLAUS MEINE - Life between Wedemark and Mexico City

1. June 2018

Klaus Meine Scorpions

KLAUS MEINE - Leben zwischen Wedemark und Mexico City

Seventy Klaus became mine on 25 May. And although the Scorpions announced a few years ago that the band was going old, the opposite is the case. When we meet her front man, he is already sitting on packed suitcases again for a mini tour through Mexico. And the man with the leather cap, which has been covering his thinning head for many years, is still excited and euphoric when it comes to concert tours even after half a century in the service of the hard rock formation. In an exclusive conversation on his birthday, the worldwide celebrated star looks back on his life in business for us.


DEEP PURPLE 50 - Part 3: The Singers

1. June 2018

Deep Purple

DEEP PURPLE 50 - Teil 3: Die Sänger

"It's the singer, not the song," that thesis rarely applied to Deep Purple. On the one hand the instrumental presence and potency in all five decades of the band was at least always at the same level as the lead vocals. And as long as Ritchie Blackmore was in the band, he provided the band with song ideas that would have worked well with other vocalists. On the other hand, there are these vocal great moments: "Child In Time" belongs to Ian Gillan and "Soldier Of Fortune" to David Coverdale.


KLAUS SCHULZE - The electronic brain

1. June 2018

Klaus Schulze

KLAUS SCHULZE - Das Elektronikhirn

Since Klaus Schulze turned 70 last year, a release offensive of his record company has been underway. At the end of 2017, eleven remastered records from the massive catalogue of the Berlin electronics witch were released, in February again as many. And now with "Silhouettes" he has released another studio album with new material. An exertion for a person who currently has to go to hospital regularly.