October 2020

On their latest album GAZPACHO dedicate themselves to the shallows of the human soul

1. October 2020


Auf ihrem jüngsten Album widmen sich GAZPACHO den Untiefen der menschlichen Seele

It has now become a nice habit that every new Gazpacho work is dominated by a comprehensive concept, in which bandleader and keyboardist Thomas Andersen repeatedly serves up incredible stories to his listeners, whose truthfulness he fervently defends. There was, for example, the mysterious old book, which he happened to have been allowed to look into, with which one could conjure up the "Demon". Or the short sound at the end of "Molok", which, according to a certain algorithm, could trigger a new big bang in one of several billion cases and thus the end of the world ..


The Austrians MOTHER'S CAKE present with "Cyberfunk!" a wonderful, wicked mixtape

1. October 2020

Mothers Cake

Die Österreicher MOTHER’S CAKE legen mit „Cyberfunk!“ ein wunderbares, abgefahrenes Mixtape vor

In 2008 Mother's Cake were founded. The Austrian trio has made a handful of releases with a mix of hard rock, psychedelic and funk. But the new album "Cyberfunk!" puts everything they have done so far in the shade and comes up with a special concept. Drummer Jan Haußels was available to answer questions.

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