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01. October 2020

Derek Sherinian , Sons Of Apollo

Mit seinem neuen Soloalbum hat sich DEREK SHERINIAN ein vorgezogenes Geburtstagsgeschenk gemacht

Nine years have passed since the last solo release "Oceana" - a long time, but one in which Derek Sherinian was of course anything but idle: Two albums with his band Sons Of Apollo have been produced, and the keyboard player went on tour with different formations. But about a year and a half ago, the time had come: "I had developed some material and got together again with my long-time mentor and colleague Simon Phillips, with whom I finally wrote six songs for the album." Simon Phillips, who has played as drummer on albums by Jeff Beck and the Michael Schenker Group, among others, is one of several musical heroes that Sherinian was able to win over for the project, either newly or once again

01. October 2020


Auf ihrem jüngsten Album widmen sich GAZPACHO den Untiefen der menschlichen Seele

It has now become a nice habit that every new Gazpacho work is dominated by a comprehensive concept, in which bandleader and keyboardist Thomas Andersen repeatedly serves up incredible stories to his listeners, whose truthfulness he fervently defends. There was, for example, the mysterious old book, which he happened to have been allowed to look into, with which one could conjure up the "Demon". Or the short sound at the end of "Molok", which, according to a certain algorithm, could trigger a new big bang in one of several billion cases and thus the end of the world ..

01. October 2020

Mothers Cake

Die Österreicher MOTHER’S CAKE legen mit „Cyberfunk!“ ein wunderbares, abgefahrenes Mixtape vor

In 2008 Mother's Cake were founded. The Austrian trio has made a handful of releases with a mix of hard rock, psychedelic and funk. But the new album "Cyberfunk!" puts everything they have done so far in the shade and comes up with a special concept. Drummer Jan Haußels was available to answer questions.

eclipsed: Which feeling do you have shortly after the completion of the new album?

Jan Haußels: We are super proud of it. The studio sessions in Mannheim were productive and creative. We wrote it together, even though most of it was done by our singer Yves Krismer.

eclipsed: "Cyberfunk!" seems to go even further into stylistic breadth than your previous albums.

28. September 2020

Poor Genetic Material

POOR GENETIC MATERIAL widmen sich auf „Here Now“ ganz philosophisch dem Augenblick

With the literary inspired albums "Island Noises" (2011) and "A Day In June" (2013), the German band around singer Philip Griffiths, son of the Beggars-Opera legend Martin Griffiths, and keyboarder Philipp Jaehne increasingly developed from an ambient formation to a prog and art rock band. Four years ago, PGM had set themselves the difficult task of making absence tangible in terms of sound. Now, on their new concept album "Here Now", they think about the quality of the moment. Guitarist Stefan Glomb gives information.

eclipsed: What's "Here Now" about?

Stefan Glomb: It's the counterpart to "Absence", because it's no longer about absence, but the opposite, the here and now, which we play through in different facets, just like its predecessor. "Absence" emphasizes the transience of the moment, "Here Now" now emphasizes the ever-present of the same moment. Two sides of the same coin.

28. September 2020

Behind Closed Doors , Thorsten Quaeschning

Das Streaming-Projekt BEHIND CLOSED DOORS setzt im tristen Corona-Livealltag kreative Impulse

The Corona crisis crippled the events industry overnight. Living room concerts are no real substitute and live concerts with seats, with appropriate safety distances and hygiene rules, are still only possible on a smaller scale depending on the location of the state. But the live industry is showing itself creative and is trying to master the difficult situation and restrictions with new concepts. One of these innovative projects is Behind Closed Doors, initiated by Tangerine-Dream mastermind Thorsten Quaeschning and concert promoter Thorsten Sohn of MFP-Concerts (Marillion, Midge Ure and others).

28. September 2020

The Progressive Souls Collective

Das Debüt von THE PROGRESSIVE SOULS COLLECTIVE wartet mit einer spannenden Gästeschar auf

Derek Sherinian and Kevin Moore (both ex-Dream-Theater), Aquiles Priester (ex-Angra), Luis Conte (Phil Collins, among others) and Conner Green (Haken): Florian Zepf was able to win them all for his project The Progressive Souls Collective. He himself, on the other hand, is a blank sheet in the scene. "I've been listening to all kinds of progressive music since I was a teenager, but I've been on the road in other genres in the meantime," says the guitarist and composer. His best known station so far was the soul and funk band Candycream, which toured with Lionel Richie and was "quite successful" at the "German Rock & Pop Award" 2005. But there has always been the dream to create a progressive work

22. September 2020


16. September 2020

Emerson Lake & Palmer , ELP

EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER - 50 Jahre ELP - Prog-Exzesse mit klassisch-europäischen Wurzeln

"Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends!" was the motto of the prog power trio. Musical pomp full of virtuosity, made for eternity and with the claim to set a visual mark was his trademark. ELP were thus among the leading pioneers of progressive rock. But what role did they play, especially in the years 1970 to 1973, compared to the other genre founders King Crimson, Genesis, Yes and the art rockers of Pink Floyd? Together with drummer Carl Palmer, the last surviving member of the three, we take a journey through 50 years of ELP history, highlight the unique significance of this great band for rock music, review their most important albums, covers and special tracks and answer the question of what to expect from ELP in the future. Curtain up ..