WUCAN - Retro Rock with Romanticism and Women's Power

Wucan , Underground

eclipsed: Tell me the origin of the band.

Francis Tobolsky: Well, I started the band with an ad when I moved to Dresden four years ago to study. In my old hometown Chemnitz I didn't see the chance to find like-minded people. My claim was to make classic blues rock by Free and Rory Gallagher. First of all our drummer Axel Pätzold reported himself on the ad and peu à peu they all came together. About Tim George on guitar and finally Patrick Dröge on bass.

eclipsed: And how did you find your way to this special sound, a mix of classic hard & blues rock with Tull's flute, Krautrock influences and modern retro rock à la Blues Pills?

Underground Tips November 2015

Black Moon Circle , The Dunes , Harnessing The Universe , Kirkbinsinek , Triptonus , Underground

Top albums

1. Black Moon Circle - The Studio Jams Vol. 1
2nd The Dunes - Live at The Soundlounge 2015
3rd Harnessing the Universe - s/t
4th Kirkbinsinek - Sis Pus Sus
5th Triptonus - Triptonus
Top tracks

1. Yuri Gagarin - Sea of Dust
2. Shiva the Destructor - Supreme Light
3. Gaffa Ghandi - Do you think you can...
4. Moneva May - Delirium
5th Luna Sol - Operator

Listen in here:

Underground Tips October 2015

Krautzone , Giöbia , Pyramidal , Domo , Les Lekin , Hypnodrome Ensemble , Underground

SPACE INVADERS - Interview about the new album "Dreadnought

Space Invaders , Underground

Interview with Paul Pott (bass), Dirk Jan Müller (keyboards), Dennis Gockel (drums) and Tipi Mike (guitar)

eclipsed: After two live-recorded albums you have now improvised in the studio. What effect has the "new" environment had? Is it a different kind of jamming?

Paul Pott: The new environment seemed a bit distorted to me, as I was standing in the studio with an acute herniated disc and a paralyzed leg and stunned myself with all sorts of colorful pills and a bottle of whiskey so that I could hold out the weekend. But in any case, I can say that recording in the studio has the advantage that you can stop a jam if you don't like the result or if the jam doesn't work. On stage you're nailed to pull something like that through and bring it to an end.

Underground Tips September 2015

Space Invaders , Cosmic Ground , Electric Moon , Hills , Axis Orbit , Underground

On to new trips into the underground with the Underground Äxpärten ...

Top Albums (September 2015)

1. Space Invaders - Dreadnought
2. Cosmic Ground - Cosmic Ground 2
3. Electric Moon - Theory Of Mind
4. Hills - Frid
5 Axis Orbit - Axis Orbit

Top Tracks (September 2015)

Underground Tips June 2015

Vibravoid , Papir , Electric Moon , Space Debris , Mother Engine , Handwrist , Underground

Underground Tips May 2015

Krautzone , Lamp Of The Universe , Knall , Deaf Proof , Kungens Män , Vespero , Underground

In connection with these we Underground Äxpärten present you here monthly tips from the underground. This time it's quite psychedelic. Follow the links to the bands' pages. Have fun & support the underground...

TOP ALBEN (May 2015)

1. Krautzone/Lamp Of The Universe Split

2. Knall - Knall

3. Deaf Proof - Blood Red Sky Sessions

4. Kungens Män - Diskbänksockultism

5. Vespero - Fitful Slumber until 5 A.M

TOP-TRACKS (May 2015)

1. Sula Bassana - Dark Days