Underground Tips May 2016


Top albums

1. Shot - Alienfunk
2nd Space Spectrum - Drone Jams
3rd Father Nembrot - Nusun
4th Love Machine - Circles
5th V.A. - A Trip Into A New State Of Mind Vol. 1
Top tracks

1. Interkosmos - Rockit
2nd Swedenborg Room - The Unknown
3rd Monomyth - Uncharted
4th A Wake - Part 2 - Segue Into Transition
5th Sun Preachers - The Tower

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Underground Tips April 2016


Top albums

1. Sun Dial - Mind Control
2nd Sula Bassana - Shipwrecked
3rd Mothership - Live Over Freak Valley
4th Maat Lander - Dissolved In The Universe
5th Swan Valley Heights - Swan Valley Heights
Top tracks

1. Lamagaia - Lamagaius
2nd Les Tigres du Futur - Le jour de la colere astrale
3rd Jampot - From The Darkspace Into The Light
4th Stone Dead Crooks - Landscape Driller
5th Love Machine - Sun Paradox

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Underground Tips March 2016

Kungens Män , Cranium Pie , Sounds Of New Soma , Sir Robin & The Longbowmen , Typhaon , Vintage Cucumber , Underground

Top albums

1. Kungens Män - Förnekaren
2. Cranium Pie - The Mechanisms Tapes
3. Sounds Of New Soma - Moebius Tunnel
4. Sir Robin & The Longbowmen - Same 5.
Typhaon - Same
Top tracks

1. Sendelica - Moscow Bunker Blues
2nd Vintage Cucumber - Grashaus II
3rd Weedpecker - Into The Woods
4th This Is Nowhere - Lies
5th Mount Hush - The Day She Stole The Sun

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Underground Tips February 2016

The Spacelords , Sophie´s Earthquake , Astrodome , Zaum , Sula Bassana , Electric Orange , Underground

Top albums

1. The Spacelords - Liquid Sun
2nd Sophie's Earthquake - The Flood
3rd Favalli & Bratva - Split 4th Astrodome
- Astrodome 5th
Satta Caveira - Mushrooms Session
Top tracks

1. Bridle - The Serpentshrine
2nd Sula Bassana - Moonbase Alpha Alpha
3rd Forming The Void - Saber
4th Electric Orange - B-Sphere
5th Bardo Pond - The Creator Has A Master Plan

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Underground Tips December 2015

Vibravoid , Men From Spectre , Rotor , Dead Moon , Brain Pyramid , Aqua Nebula Oscillator , Underground

Top albums

1. Vibravoid - Loudness For The Masses
2. V.A. - New Way Of Kraut Vol. II
3. Men from S.P.E.C.T.R.E. - The Claw
4. Rotor - Five
5. Wide Sea of Air - O.S.T.
Top tracks

1. Dead Moon - Tales from the Grease Trap (Dead Moon Live)
2nd Brain Pyramid - Magnetosphere
3rd Aqua Nebular Oscillator - Up To The Sky
4th Dead Sea Apes - Universal Interrogator
5th Surya Kris Peters - Hermitage

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GOLDEN VOID - All controllers set to 11

Golden Void , Underground

eclipsed: The title of your new album, "Berkana", refers to a tree rune that stands for fertility, birth and growth and is also a symbol for the earth mother. Why did you choose this title?

Isaiah Mitchell: My wife Camilla (keyboarder for Golden Void; note) came across it by chance, and since we had mentioned the birch tree several times in one of the songs, it was obvious to use this title. We also wanted to make a new start with the record, which is also reflected in the title.

eclipsed: A fresh start? In what way?

Mitchell: The sound and the music are different. We didn't just want to be heavy, we also wanted to feel comfortable with quieter things, which is why we worked much more with dynamics.

eclipsed: Is the music also more life-affirming?

WUCAN - Retro Rock with Romanticism and Women's Power

Wucan , Underground

eclipsed: Tell me the origin of the band.

Francis Tobolsky: Well, I started the band with an ad when I moved to Dresden four years ago to study. In my old hometown Chemnitz I didn't see the chance to find like-minded people. My claim was to make classic blues rock by Free and Rory Gallagher. First of all our drummer Axel Pätzold reported himself on the ad and peu à peu they all came together. About Tim George on guitar and finally Patrick Dröge on bass.

eclipsed: And how did you find your way to this special sound, a mix of classic hard & blues rock with Tull's flute, Krautrock influences and modern retro rock à la Blues Pills?

Underground Tips November 2015

Black Moon Circle , The Dunes , Harnessing The Universe , Kirkbinsinek , Triptonus , Underground

Top albums

1. Black Moon Circle - The Studio Jams Vol. 1
2nd The Dunes - Live at The Soundlounge 2015
3rd Harnessing the Universe - s/t
4th Kirkbinsinek - Sis Pus Sus
5th Triptonus - Triptonus
Top tracks

1. Yuri Gagarin - Sea of Dust
2. Shiva the Destructor - Supreme Light
3. Gaffa Ghandi - Do you think you can...
4. Moneva May - Delirium
5th Luna Sol - Operator

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