August 2018

BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST - Anniversary for two

28. August 2018

Barclay James Harvest

BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST - Jubiläum für zwei

Their performances in Berlin in front of the Reichstag and in Treptower Park are still among the biggest single concerts this country has ever seen. Barclay James Harvest brought the most triumphant moments of her career in 1980 and 1987, respectively, to around 200,000 people. A career that began fifty years ago and brought fundamental stylistic changes: From melodious symphonic rock to hymn-like prog to elegant pop rock, the skills of the English group still exist today. In double version.


DEEP PURPLE 50 - Part 5: Live albums, tributes and epigones

28. August 2018

Deep Purple

DEEP PURPLE 50 - Teil 5: Livealben, Tributes und Epigonen

What will remain of Deep Purple once the "The Long Goodbye Tour" is over? Will the tribute bands and epigones take over and do justice to the hard rock legend? Can they re-create the myth of Deep Purple in their songs or concerts? Or does the group, which is celebrated as the Liverock band, remain unique because of all its facets? These and other questions are addressed in the fifth part of our series of articles on half a century of Deep Purple.


The New York trio INTERPOL is looser, more talkative and more noisy than ever before

28. August 2018


Das New Yorker Trio INTERPOL präsentiert sich lockerer, redseliger und geräuschvoller denn je

Dark men on duty, my ass: Paul Banks & Co. composed their sixth album "Marauder" while chilling on tropical beaches. It goes without saying that it still doesn't sound really cheerful.

eclipsed: The cover of your new album features a photo of Elliot Richardson, former US Secretary of Justice who helped uncover the Watergate scandal in 1973. Actually a positive figure and not a marauder, not a looter. What's the title?


At PHILLIP BOA AND THE VOODOOCLUB things are currently running really smoothly again - and regularly

Bei PHILLIP BOA AND THE VOODOOCLUB läuft’s derzeit mal wieder richtig rund – und regelmäßig

On "Earthly Powers" Phillip Boa And The Voodooclub once again prove their knack for innovative sounds and wonderfully catchy melodies. Despite the farewell to co-singer Pia Lund in 2014, the indie icon has also been riding a wave of recognition for several years now: the concerts are well attended, the albums can compete with Boas classics from the early nineties. We met the German cosmopolitan for a conversation about the present and the past.


On his second solo album, Symphony X guitarist MICHAEL ROMEO combines film music and prog metal

28. August 2018

Michael Romeo Symphony X

Auf seinem zweiten Soloalbum bringt Symphony-X-Gitarrist MICHAEL ROMEO Filmmusik und Progmetal zusammen

Actually, the time was ripe for a new Symphony X album. But last year, the progmetallers from New Jersey took time out. Almost all band members then jumped into other projects. In summer, Russell Allen's band Adrenaline Mob had a terrible touring bus accident in which two people died and Allen has not yet fully recovered from its consequences. For guitarist Michael Romeo there was inevitably a window of opportunity to try something new with "War Of The Worlds".

eclipsed: Michael, could"War Of The Worlds" also display the Symphony X logo?


NICK MASON - Late Satisfaction

NICK MASON - Späte Genugtuung

For years Nick Mason has been annoyed about the solo activities of his former band mates Roger Waters and David Gilmour when they take over the Floyd heritage. Now the drummer himself climbs into the ring to put the joint musical legacy on stage in the right light. His band Saucerful Of Secrets is a means of overcoming frustration and nurturing the psychedelic early work that Waters and Gilmour avoid.


PINK FLOYD - Exhibition "Their Mortal Remains" in Dortmund

21. August 2018

Pink Floyd

PINK FLOYD - Ausstellung „Their Mortal Remains“ in Dortmund

After London and Rome, the celebrated Pink Floyd exhibition "Their Mortal Remains" stops in Dortmund. In the Dortmunder U, a landmark of the city, which was converted from the brewery building into a centre for art and culture, a multimedia experience awaits the visitors from 15 September, which brings the guests not only the music of the legendary British band, but also the personality of its members closer. The Dutchman Edwin Jacobs, director of the Dortmunder U and artistic director of the Pink Floyd exhibition, spoke to the eclipsed about "Their Mortal Remains".


SATURNIA - Metamorphosis after 20 years

21. August 2018


SATURNIA - Metamorphose nach 20 Jahren

Saturnia, the one-man project of Luís Simões, stood with his six studio albums so far for a gentle, hypnotic, trance-like psychedelic, wrapped in cotton wool. Now, a good 20 years after its foundation, the Portuguese has decided to make Saturnia a real band. André Silva (keyboards) and Nuno Oliveira (drums) are now permanent companions of the multi-instrumentalist. The trio has now also recorded "The Seance Tapes" in this line-up: Twelve tracks from the back catalogue in new band versions. Simões explains the background to eclipsed.


1968 - The year of awakening

1968 - Das Jahr des Erwachens

Sergeant Pepper had done a good job: The pop music that followed in 1968 ignited a firework of new styles and genres, the effects of which can still be felt today. All this unfolded against the background of enormous political and social upheavals. The peaceful utopias that had made the hippies the leading force of the younger generation in the previous year seemed to have worn off and overtaken each other in a very short time. A look back at a musical year that became a symbol.