June 2021

SPHERIC MUSIC has been rolling out a carpet for dreaming for 30 years now

SPHERIC MUSIC rollt seit mittlerweile 30 Jahren einen Teppich zum Träumen aus

Classical electronic music in the spirit of the psychedelic-experimental seventies, abbreviated EM, leads a rather exclusive shadowy existence despite some great successes, mainly of the Berlin School or international pioneers like Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis. Listeners who are open to a mental journey into other spheres - the really big (and usually long!) instrumental head cinema - are all the more infatuated with their music. Only a few labels have specialized in this music, Manikin, MellowJet-Records, SynGate and Spheric Music.


HELLOWEEN - The Magnificent Seven

8. June 2021


HELLOWEEN - Die glorreichen Sieben

"It's a typical winter day today," says Andi Deris when we meet in a bar in Puerto de la Cruz on Tenerife. Nevertheless, we sit outside and enjoy the view of the city. He points in the direction of some houses a bit away: "Weik lives over there" he explains. Meant is of course Michael Weikath, guitarist of Helloween. But even apart from facts about the band, the musician from Karlsruhe always pulls interesting stories about the city and the island out of his hat. And of course about the pumpkinheads' new album.


CLIVE NOLAN shows a wide musical range solo and with Oliver Wakeman

8. June 2021

Clive Nolan Arena Pendragon

CLIVE NOLAN weist solo und mit Oliver Wakeman eine große musikalische Bandbreite auf

Clive Nolan is not only the keyboard player for Arena and Pendragon. He also writes musicals and works on very different projects. With his solo album "Song Of The Wildlands" and "Dark Fables", another collaboration with Oliver Wakeman, the Viking fan now has two new releases on the go. eclipsed met him for a Skype interview.

eclipsed: Where does your affinity for musicals actually come from?


After 16 years MATT SWEENEY and BONNIE "PRINCE" BILLY cooperate one more time

Nach 16 Jahren kooperieren MATT SWEENEY und BONNIE „PRINCE“ BILLY ein weiteres Mal

Also a peculiarity in times of Zoom interviews: Before we can start our conversation, Will Oldham, as the "Prince" is called in real life, and Matt Sweeney have to go to the toilet one after the other, but listen to each other's answers from there. Partly because of this quirky opening, a relaxed chat with the two indie icons unfolds.

eclipsed: Will, you're an artist who has done a lot of collaborations with a wide variety of musicians in your long career. What is it that appeals to you so much?


Old master DANIEL LANOIS leads us to a treasure island of sound ideas

8. June 2021

Daniel Lanois

Altmeister DANIEL LANOIS führt uns auf eine Schatzinsel der Klangideen

At just under 70 years of age, Daniel Lanois meets all the criteria for the much too inflationarily used term legend. The celebrated producer of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, U2 or Jon Hassell, however, does not want to rest on his reputation, but always breaks new ground with his own albums. This is also the case with his new CD "Heavy Sun", on which he succeeds in squaring the gospel circle with dub