The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 95

23. October 2017

WOBBLER - Fermented Hours (edit) (7:57)
Album: From Silence To Somewhere (2017)
Label/Distribution: Karisma/Soulfood

For six years the Norwegian Retroproggers have put their fans to the test of patience. But they'll be merciful. The fourth album of the five not only seems more mature despite all the inventiveness, but also reveals a wealth of details thanks to fine production, which clearly underlines the class of the band.

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 94

19. September 2017

CALIGULAʼS HORSE - Song For No One (7:42)
Album: In Contact (2017)
Label/Distribution: InsideOut/Sony

The Australian Modern Progger/Progmetaller CALIGULAʼS HORSE always have a fine feeling for the respective song, no matter if it is passing the eight-minute limit or presents itself in a compact radio format. Liquid-tracked monumental reefing and goose-bump melodies are guaranteed in any case.

KADAVAR - Die Baby Die (4:17)
Album: Rough Times (2017)
Label/Distribution: Nuclear Blast/Warner

Music From Time And Space Vol. 65

27. June 2017

RPWL - The Attack (Live) (10:20)
Album: A New Dawn (Live) (2CD) (2017, Release: 14.07.)
Label/Distribution: Gentle Art Of Music/Soulfood

With "A New Dawn", the Freising art rockers have presented a great success to ambitious German rock theaters. But also on CD the floy music convinces, which is performed with instrumental impressive force and verve like the marching "The Attack", which is exemplary for the fight against populists and hooligans.

Bjørn Riis - Forever Comes To An End (8:17)
Album: Forever Comes To An End (2017)
Label/Distribution: Karisma/Soulfood

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 93

25. May 2017

THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA - Something Mysterious (4:07)
Album: Amber Galactic (2017)
Label/Distribution: Nuclear Blast/Warner

In the late seventies/early eighties, The Night Flight Orchestra would have filled arenas and stadiums with their songs. Today "Amber Galactic" is a passionate bow to Journey, Foreigner and (as in the case of "Something Mysterious") Survivor. The piano even brings a little Billy Joel into play.

Music From Time And Space Vol. 64

25. April 2017

AYREON - Deathcry Of A Race (4:43)
Album: The Source (2CD) (2017)
Label/Distribution: Music Theories/Mascot/Rough Trade

With AYREON, Arjen Lucassen is focusing more on catchability this time without running into shallow waters. His recipe for success: exquisite melodies, stylistic variety from metal to folk and medieval, opulent arrangements and, as always, a top group of singers led by Dream Theaters James LaBrie.

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 92

20. March 2017

STEVE HACKETT - Behind The Smoke (6:57)
Album: The Night Siren (2017)
Label/Distribution: InsideOut/Sony

From the album of the month "The Night Siren" comes this majestic song which opens this new HACKETT masterpiece. The piece seems like a mixture of classical quotations, oriental sounds, Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" and theatrical film music. Such a melange becomes favorite songs.

eclipsed sampler "'67"

13. February 2017

THE YARDBIRDS - Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) (live) (2:49)
Album: Live At The BBC (2017)
Label/Distribution: Repertoire/H'Art

Jimmy Page had just taken over from Jeff Beck. They play this Bob Dylan number, which originally appeared a year earlier on his "Blonde On Blonde" album, in a more racy and pop version at these BBC sessions. A little later Page took over completely: New Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin.

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 91

16. January 2017

BLACKFIELD - Family Man (3:37)
Album: V (2017) (Release: 10.02.)
Label/Distribution: Kscope/Edel

Smoldering strings, sinewy guitars, a chorus that seeks its equal, and melodies that seduce and enchant. All this applies not only to the rocky "Family Man" presented here, but to almost all songs on the album. BLACKFIELD's new work is a continuation of their early masterpieces.

Music From Time And Space Vol. 63

21. November 2016

THE NEAL MORSE BAND - Slave To Your Mind (6:26)
Album: The Similitude Of A Dream (2CD, 2016)
Label/Distribution: Radiant/Metal Blade/Sony

John Bunyan's two-part allegory "The Pilgrimage" (1678/1684) is about a journey to the afterlife and forms the basis for "The Similitude Of A Dream". The tension is maintained for a good 100 minutes, highlight after highlight, whereby "Slave To Your Mind" reflects the complex thoughts of the hero. Album of the month!

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 90

26. October 2016

WOLF PEOPLE - Night Witch (3:48)
Album: Ruins (2016)
Label/Distribution: Secretly Group/Cargo

Here the pop, proto-prog and canterbury folk rock of the late sixties shake hands with modern times. This happens on the new album "Ruins" so similarly several times, also "Night Witch" gets stuck very pleasantly in the ear canals with its ingratiating vocal melody. Album of the month. (RELEASE: 11.11.)