Music From Time And Space Vol. 58

23. September 2015

CALIGULA'S HORSE - Marigold (6:17)
Album: Bloom (2015)
Label/Distribution: InsideOut/Universal

Already on the predecessor "The Tide, The Thief & Riverʼs End" the Australians had shown amazing maturity. But "Bloom" goes a long way further, combining the strengths of Porcupine Tree, Haken, Periphery and Opeth. Jim Grey is also once again a hot candidate for the "Singer of the Year". (RELEASE: 16.10.)

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 83

26. August 2015

KADAVAR - Last Living Dinosaur (4:04)
Album: Berlin (2015)
Label/Distribution: Nuclear Blast/Warner

The riff monsters from Berlin have set a heavy rock monument with this disc of their adopted city. From now on all Black Sabbath epigones of this world will have to be measured against this album. And at the same time Kadavar have set the bar damn high for their future studio works.

Music From Time And Space Vol. 57

25. June 2015

VENNART - Infatuate (5:08)
Album: The Demon Joke
Label/Distribution: Superball/Universal mikevennart.tumblr.com

Mike Vennart, the former Oceansize front man and current tour guitarist of Biffy Clyro, invites on his solo debut to a gripping, quirky and interlaced trip between prog, noise and quiet stuff to breathe a sigh of relief. An extremely artistic sound odyssey that quickly captivates the listener.

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 82

27. May 2015

MY SLEEPING KARMA - Akasha (edit) (4:48)
Album: Moksha (2015)
Label/Distribution: Napalm/Universal

MY SLEEPING KARMA's new album is not as easily accessible as its four predecessors. The listener first has to work for his inner beauty. He then finds the typical power of the band, caused by hypnotic guitarlicks. A new addition is the increased use of keyboards. Album of the month!

Music From Time And Space Vol. 56

23. April 2015

ARENA - The Demon Strikes (4:12)
Album: The Unquiet Sky (2015)
Label/Distribution: Verglas/Soulfood

With "The Unquiet Sky" ARENA have found their way back to the form of their early years. Her eighth studio work extends her proven virtues with classical and film music elements. In top form the leading trio around singer Paul Manzi, keyboarder Clive Nolan and guitarist John Mitchell presents themselves.

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 81

26. March 2015

STEVE HACKETT - The Wheel's Turning (7:23)
Album: Wolflight (2015)
Label/Distribution: InsideOut/Universal

Once again the master guitarist and composer takes us on an eventful journey through different countries and epochs, which will not be forgotten so quickly. It is almost a miracle that the former Genesis string acrobat never copies himself and yet always remains himself.

Music From Time And Space Vol. 55

19. February 2015

LONELY ROBOT - God Vs Man (5:41)
Album: Please Come Home (2015)
Label/Distribution: InsideOut/Universal

LONELY ROBOT is the new project of John Mitchell (It Bites, Arena). On his debut album "Please Come Home", the Brit has not only taken over the songwriting, but also the production and shows that despite his outstanding instrumental abilities, he pays more attention to creating the right atmosphere.

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 80

20. January 2015

COLOUR HAZE - Everywhere (alternative mix) (8:38)
Album: To The Highest Gods We Know (2015)
Label/Distribution: Elektrohasch/Sonic Rendezvous

Also on the new COLOUR HAZE album, all the beloved trademarks of the Munich stoner rockers are represented. Exciting licks that become grippy riffs. Slow rhythms that grow into forward-pushing grooves. And as in the "Everywhere" presented here a remarkable guitar line.

Music From Time And Space Vol. 54

27. November 2014

PENDRAGON - Faces Of Light (5:49)
Album: Men Who Climb Mountains (2014)
Label/Distribution: Toff/www.pendragon.mu

With "Men Who Climb Mountains", PENDRAGON is taking the prog summit by storm. Nick Barrett and his companions have been moving away from the classic Neoprog for some time now, and this trend will continue in 2014. On "Faces Of Light" with its addictive chorus, Pendragon push into the territory of Anathema.

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 79

23. October 2014

...AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD - A Million Random Digits (3:07)
Album: IX (2014)
Label/Distribution: Superball/Universal

With TRAIL OF DEAD, you can never be sure what's coming: Brute Alternative? Or do you prefer smooth, carried melodies in the direction of art rock? The answer this time is simple: On "IX" the Americans simply mixed both elements. And the bill works out wonderfully in various passages.