DONNY MCCASLIN - The perfect blowjob

30. November 2018

DONNY MCCASLIN - Der perfekte Blowjob

Donny McCaslin has been one of the hottest saxophonists in the USA since contributing to David Bowie's album legacy "★". The 52-year-old Berklee graduate gained important experience with jazz trumpeter Dave Douglas and the Maria Schneider Orchestra. Since his solo album "Casting For Gravity" McCaslin has developed an independent style that draws on fusion, art rock and electronic dance music. He goes one step further with his latest work "Blow.", on which he also picks up influences from alternative rock.

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18. July 2018

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31. December 2016

GENESIS - 40 years of "A Trick Of The Tail" Of

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31. December 2016

R.I.P. DAVID BOWIE - Blackstar is beautiful


21. January 2016

The fact that David Bowie went back to the studio so quickly after his comeback album "The Next Day" and worked under high pressure on a new work may have something to do with his cancer diagnosis. The great rock icon still had this album in him and wanted to finish it (with regular producer Tony Visconti) under all circumstances. And "★" has become a positive surprise in every respect.

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09. September 2014

The Story of Quadrophenia

"'Tommy' changed everything and saved us," Pete Townshend remembers in the introductory essay to the 2011 re-release of "Quadrophenia". Basically, The Who had been a singles band in the sixties; the sudden intellectualization of pop music had posed a new, unexpected challenge to its thought leader. "People suddenly wanted to hear 'serious' music from pop groups.

Between heaven and earth

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12. April 2014

The day after next day

That really wasn't to be expected: Almost ten years after his last studio album David Bowie released "Where Are We Now?", a new single in January. The album "The Next Day" followed on March 8th. A comeback out of the blue. And one that raises questions.

Deep in the Archive

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12. April 2014

The band for all occasions

Genesis is familiar to anyone who owns a radio. So in the end every rock fan has an opinion about the multifaceted formation. Of course not everyone a good one. If Progressive Rock, whose figurehead the band was in its most exciting phase, is not everyone's cup of tea, rock lovers generally agree on the negative assessment of the British pop phase. But the truth is: Genesis are magicians, their music is still enchanting today. eclipsed lets himself fall into the comforting sounds of his old group together with Steve Hackett and presents a shopping list SPECIAL.

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12. April 2014


Even in the second year of the new decade, no new, all-dominant trend emerged. In the numerous ramifications of rock and pop, some bands have excelled with grandiose works. But the "Zehner" still owe a new style to them. But a lot has happened in the meantime.


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10. April 2014

The Wendehälse of Rock
with Genesis, Yes, David Bowie, Queen, Chicago, Mike Oldfield, Styx, Scorpions, Barclay James Harvest, Fleetwood Mac, Jefferson Airplane, Santana..