DONNY MCCASLIN - The perfect blowjob

30. November 2018

DONNY MCCASLIN - Der perfekte Blowjob

Donny McCaslin has been one of the hottest saxophonists in the USA since contributing to David Bowie's album legacy "★". The 52-year-old Berklee graduate gained important experience with jazz trumpeter Dave Douglas and the Maria Schneider Orchestra. Since his solo album "Casting For Gravity" McCaslin has developed an independent style that draws on fusion, art rock and electronic dance music. He goes one step further with his latest work "Blow.", on which he also picks up influences from alternative rock.

MICK RONSON - The man on Bowie's string

02. August 2018

MICK RONSON - Der Mann an Bowies Saite

He was the musical head of the band Spiders From Mars, until 1973 the motor of David Bowie's success. And Mick Ronson also made common cause with other rock greats. But he himself remained largely unknown to the general public. The film "Beside Bowie - The Story Of Mick Ronson" shows what the master guitarist, who died in the early nineties, actually achieved. We talked to director and Ronson friend Jon Brewer and Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott, who worked with Ronson.

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18. July 2018

DAVID BOWIE - Dead and alive

16. January 2017

DAVID BOWIE - Dead and alive

When heads of government, astronauts, the Archbishop of Canterbury and a Vatican spokesman comment on the death of a rock musician, as happened on 10 January 2016, it is an extraordinary event. In fact, David Bowie, an artist who had blown up norms, who did not accept any artistic or social restrictions, who was irresistibly drawn into the limelight like an incurably ill man to Lourdes or Fatima, died that day. An artist who nourished longings in his texts and fomented them himself, who at times touched on the metaphysical realm and who in his nature, appearance and look always embodied exactly what he was offering in his magical art. An artist, too, on whom it was necessary to work off, since he only rarely fulfilled expectations, only rarely remained on a path taken once, and who never backstabbed the herd, but always hurried ahead of it. The fact that it was him of all people, the complex loner, who was followed by fans in droves, is a phenomenon that is difficult to grasp.

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31. December 2016

GENESIS - 40 years of "A Trick Of The Tail" Of

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31. December 2016

R.I.P. DAVID BOWIE - Blackstar is beautiful