October 2019

VVLVA - It must crackle!

30. October 2019

Vvlva XXL-Interview

VVLVA - Es muss knistern!

Vvlva - these are five young men from Aschaffenburg, who have dedicated themselves to the 60's/70's retrorock and now after the 2018's "Path Of Virtue" with "Silhouettes" present the second album. Vvlva not only confirms the quality of the debut, but also enhances it. Eclipsed spoke with singer Tobias Ritter.

eclipsed: Already after the first album there was an interview with eclipsed. Now also after the second album. Great odds, huh?

Tobias Ritter: Of course, it's a big deal for us!


BENT KNEE even more experimental than before

29. October 2019

Bent Knee

BENT KNEE agieren noch experimentierfreudiger als bisher

"Expect the Unexpected" - this motto by Peter Gabriel could also apply to the American art rock sextet Bent Knee. While the graduates of Berklee College Of Music have delivered their most accessible song collection with their predecessor "Land Animal", the fifth album "You Know What They Mean" is their most radical statement, which occasionally disturbs with harsh sounds, on the other hand reconciles with emotional art rock songs.


RAY ALDER uses the Fates Warning break for his first real solo album

29. October 2019

Ray Alder Fates Warning

RAY ALDER nutzt die Fates-Warning-Pause für sein erstes echtes Soloalbum

"Vamos!" calls Ray Alder. 22 degrees, a lukewarm evening in Madrid, ideal for a round with his dog Sam - telephone interview back or forth. "Sorry", apologizes Alder. "I hope that's okay!" It is. The promotion for his solo album "What The Water Wants" is done by the 52-year-old, whom the progmetal fans know as the singer of Fates Warning. Because time is something the Spaniard by choice does not have much of at his disposal at the moment. Completing the album took longer than expected.


BATTLES travel to different epochs of pop history

29. October 2019


BATTLES reisen in verschiedene Epochen der Popgeschichte

Every four years the New York band Battles releases a new album. Originally started as a quartet, the formation shrank to duo strength on their fourth CD "Juice B Crypts". However, this does as little to break down their ingenuity as it does their volume. Battles, these are still drummer John Stanier and guitarist Ian Williams. The songs on "Juice B Crypts" couldn't be more different.


Eight years after the end of Sonic Youth, KIM GORDON presents her first solo album

29. October 2019

Kim Gordon Sonic Youth

Acht Jahre nach Ende von Sonic Youth legt KIM GORDON ihr erstes Solo-Album vor.

Milestones like "Daydream Nation" or "Goo" made Sonic Youth an underground rock institution - until the divorce of bassist Kim Gordon and singer/guitarist Thurston Moore marked the end of the cult band: In October 2011, after 30 years and 13 albums, the New Yorkers announced their separation. Now, after a long self-discovery and the move to Los Angeles, Gordon (66) returns with her solo "No Home Record".

eclipsed: How do you feel about your time with Sonic Youth today? Do you regret anything?


Blues rocker SAMANTHA FISH has trouble making up her mind

29. October 2019

Samantha Fish

Bluesrockerin SAMANTHA FISH kann sich nur schwer entscheiden

On her last albums, the 30-year-old guitarist and singer tried her best to expand her sound spectrum, and in the process crept away from her real strength: blues rock. However, Samantha Fish apparently can't make up her mind about her private life either and switches back and forth between a place of residence in Louisiana and her actual hometown Kansas City. "I often make decisions very intuitively. That always feels good at the moment!" She has integrated Americana, Soul and Gospel into her sound canon. "That's how I grew up." But in her deepest core she is still a rocker.


ALCEST set off for mythological Thebes

29. October 2019


ALCEST machen sich auf den Weg ins mythologische Theben

In ancient Egypt the Sphinx served as a memorial for Pharaohs, the Hittites worshipped it as a gatekeeper, in Southeast Asian cultures it has a protective function. In Greek mythology, on the other hand, it becomes a death demon. And now she is the central artwork element on Alcest's sixth album, "Spiritual Instinct". It is precisely the ambivalence of the figure that fascinates band mastermind Stéphane "Neige" Paut so much. "She has a very beautiful face and elegant wings, but also has claws and animal elements. That's where I find myself," he muses.


IMPERIAL JADE are about to live up to their band name

29. October 2019

Imperial Jade

IMPERIAL JADE sind dabei, ihrem Bandnamen gerecht zu werden

"Imperial Jade" is the most valuable type of jade at all and a particularly beautiful piece of jewellery. Five young musicians from the Barcelona area thought that this would be just the right name for their band founded in 2012. "Back then we were all teenies," says 22-year-old keyboarder and guitarist Hugo Nubiola with a smile. The first album was aptly called "Please Welcome Imperial Jade" at the end of 2015, but it didn't cause as much waves as to attract attention outside Catalonia.


OPETH - The best comes to the end

9. October 2019


OPETH - Das Beste kommt zum Schluss

He wanted to write a masterpiece. This was the declared aim of Mikael Åkerfeldt in the creation of "In Cauda Venenum". He moved on a terrain unknown to him: for the first time the Swede recorded an album in his mother tongue. In an interview, he explains how this decision affected the thematic orientation of the lyrics and why an English version of the album appears alongside the original version. Åkerfeldt also reveals what prog means to him. He has little to do with the term as a genre.