JACK BRUCE - Farewell to a Great One

With him, the rock world has lost more than one great bass player: Jack Bruce, who died on 25 October at the age of 71, was also a brilliant composer and an outstanding singer, but above all a great person, as the many comments from colleagues already in his lifetime, but especially after his death show. It was Roger Waters who once called Jack Bruce "probably the most talented bass player of all time", for Eric Clapton, who published the two and a half minute instrumental "For Jack" on his website after the news of the death of his former Cream companion, he was "an enormous inspiration", Ginger Baker was "sad that we've lost a fine man" - the list of tributes, to which Ringo Starr and Geezer Butler also contributed, could be continued for so long. Jimi Hendrix also belonged to the legion of musicians he influenced with his virtuoso bass playing. The former BBC presenter John de Bono even called him the "Miles Davis of Rock".

THE WATERBOYS - Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' roll

"An Appointment With Mr. Yeats", Mike Scott's tribute to the famous Irish poet W. B. Yeats, dates back three years. After a few years of disorientation, the Waterboys found their way back to their folk rock roots. Since then, other artists have recalled the Waterboys: Ellie Goulding covered "How Long Will I Love You". Prince played "The Whole Of The Moon" at a show in London. But where is the journey of the Waterboys, who will perform again in Germany in 2015, heading with their new album?

eclipsed: The last time you had your classic folk rock on it was in 2011. Now you come with a completely different style: Rock'n'Roll and American sounds. What happened, Mike?

Mike Scott: Well, I just wanted to make an album in America. I have a bunch of friends in New York and also a new American booking agent, which made it much easier for me to play shows in the USA since then. Of course I met musicians in the USA. I wanted them on a new album.

JOE COCKER - Farewell to the White Soulman

No white singer had a voice as immersed in black soul as his. Hardly any of his colleagues landed so fast after the breakthrough so hard on the ground of the facts, but also only few fought their way back after the way by the drug and alcohol hell again so impressively to the top as Joe Cocker. His last fight, however, he could not win: On December 22, the 71-year-old Englishman died of lung cancer at his ranch in Colorado.

John Robert Cocker, born on 20 May 1944 in a suburb of the industrial town of Sheffield in central England, left school at the age of sixteen and completed an apprenticeship as a plumber, but already had a musical career in mind. Appearances as singer in the band of his brother Victor, from 1963 as frontman of Vance Arnold & The Avengers as supporting act for more famous acts like the Hollies and even at a concert of the Rolling Stones in their home town hall led to a record deal with Decca Records in 1964.

Successful title defence - BLIND GUARDIAN remain the most creative metalheads in the country with album number 10 as well

Four years after "At The Edge Of Time" Blind Guardian are back in an impressive way. Once again the Krefelder Quartett inspires with demanding, partly orchestral compositions, which despite the density of detail appear massive and crystal clear. This multi-layered work was also created in the band's own Twilight Hall Studios in Grefrath; it was produced by Charlie Bauerfeind. Musically and lyrically the group continues the great moments of their career. eclipsed spoke with singer/lyricist Hansi Kürsch and guitarist André Olbrich in the legendary studio kitchen.

eclipsed: Hansi, André, despite the immense density of details you let it crash again on "Beyond The Red Mirror". Your drummer Frederik Ehmke has to do some hard work.

End of the closed season for salon lions - Everything used to be better for BRYAN FERRY than his own music

The eternal charmer suffers from progressive cultural pessimism: the chart hits are getting worse and worse, the youth has no style anymore, and the ladies are no longer what they used to be. A scenario against which the former art teacher fights on his latest work "Avonmore" with rocky Edelpop of old school.

eclipsed: Bryan, what's wrong with the present?

The Art Of Sysyphus Vol. 80

COLOUR HAZE - Everywhere (alternative mix) (8:38)
Album: To The Highest Gods We Know (2015)
Label/Distribution: Elektrohasch/Sonic Rendezvous

Also on the new COLOUR HAZE album, all the beloved trademarks of the Munich stoner rockers are represented. Exciting licks that become grippy riffs. Slow rhythms that grow into forward-pushing grooves. And as in the "Everywhere" presented here a remarkable guitar line.